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5 year old with symptoms of diabetes

I am the mother of a 5yr old who had a respitory illness and asthma episode approx 6 weeks ago,and at that time she required both steroids & antibotics. Two weeks later she relapsed and had to be placed back on steroids for asthma. Well, this leads us to about 3 weeks ago, when I started to notice that she was drinking more, urinating on herself at night, and having cravings of bread, sweets, and anything with carbs. The red flag went up the day before Christmas, when she urinated on herself not only at night but also 2 times during the day. My mother in law works at the hospital, so we went there just to check her blood sugar which was 217 (random). I panicked! I went out and purchased a machine until we could talk to our family doctor. Her fasting blood sugars were 99 to 144 over the next few days with her random sugars being (2 hours after meal) 105 to 178. We did bring her to the doctor, and she suspects that she has diabetes. We did blood work and that confused me even more. Her fasting blood sugar was 92, and the same morning on our machine her sugar was 93 (which tells me that my machine is accurate). Her thyroid functions were normal, cholesterol was normal, and blood count was all normal. Her HgbA1C was 5.5, which falls in the normal range. We are still waiting for her C-Peptide level. I have a good relationship with our family doctor, and I respect her so much. I just have this feeling that there is something wrong with the picture, and I would want her to be checked by a pediatric endocrinologist. Can someone give me an opinion -- am I over-reacting?
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I am not physician, but the mom of type one diabetic, who is also an asthmatic. The first part of your question sounds very familiar  to what happened to us with our daughter. Our daughter had the same problems with her asthma and we thought that she was have a reaction to the asthma meds.

I would HIGHLY suggest that you see a pediatric endocrinologist or have your doctor test your daughter immediately for type one diabetes.   We were lucky that out pediatricians partner is a pediatric endocrinologist.  He immediately did a test.  We caught it so early that when was not in Ketoacidosis and we did not have to put her in the Hospital.  Most kids when they are diagnosed are in Ketoacidosis and have to be hospitalized for several days to a week or so.  This is because the child is so sick and they parents learn how to take care of the diabetes.  If your daughter
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I am so glad that you commented. I did not say that I am a nurse, and have been for almost 15 years. I have only been a parent for half of those years as a nurse. I am actually a school nurse and I take care of a very brittle type 1 diabetic, and a couple of children who have type 2. Our family doctor has done some blood work, but I think we need to get antibodies test. I just have this feeling, along with my mother-in-law, that she has diabetes. I will be an advocate for her as long as I live. I spoke to my husband and he also agrees that we should not play around with this, and tomarrow morning I will call and have our family doctor refer us to Children's Hospital -- Ped Endocrinology. I hope and pray that I am just over-reacting, but I have to follow my gut feeling. Thank you again for giving me the encouragment.
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Well, I made that phone call today to talk to our family doctor. She was not in today, so we have an appointment tomarrow morning to see her and discuss with her our options. The nurse did tell me that her C-Peptide was 1.0 with the reference range being 0.8 - 3.0. Her level is within range, but is in the low end of normal (only being 0.2 points away from low). Can anyone give me some encouragment? I really think that this is a very early Type 1 diabetes in the honeymoon phase, and all the research I have read says that insulin therapy as soon as possible is the only way to help have less stress on the pancrease. Is this right or am I just over-reacting? She goes back to school on Thursday, and I am terrified. I have been watching her like a HAWK counting her carbs, and the school will not do this without a doctor's order. PLEASE SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME ADVICE AND ENCOURAGMENT TO KNOW THAT SHE WILL BE OK!
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I am glad that you are going to the doctor, you are right that the sooner you go on insulin the better.  We did the same with our daughter watching what she was eating till we started her on insulin. We found that it prolong red her honey moon phase.  Our daughter was in that phase for almost 2 1/2 years, being on very low doses of insulin.  

As for school as you know you will need to have a 504 and they have to follow the doctors orders.

You are on the right track.  I hope things go well at the doctors tomorrow. Please check back and let us know how things are going.

Also, checks with you
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Well, we just got back from our family doctor. We have an appointment with a Pediatric Endocrinologist tomarrow at 10:00am. Our family doctor was so great, she went through all the blood sugars for the last 2 weeks with her adverage being 127 on her meter. She finally told me that she does have diabetes, but she still leaning towards Type 2. All the research I have been doing leads me to believe that she has Type 1. I guess we will know more tomarrow. Thanks again for the encouragment. I will keep you posted!
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Thanks for checking back.  I am glad to see that you are going to the endocrinologist tomorrow.  I am sorry to hear that she was diagnosed with diabetes, but I can tell you that you are not alone.  We are always here to help you.  You might also want to check out some other websites that will help you.


You might also want to contact your local chapter of JDRF to see if they have a coffee or support group that you can join.  

If not call your local hospital or ask the endocronoglist if they know of one that you and your daughter can go to.
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