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Are these symptoms of Diabetes

Hi My father had aortic dissection about 8 months ago and had open heart surgery, three months later he had a aortic valve replacement. After his second surgery he has had sharp stabbing pains all over his body and headaches. He says it feels like pitchforks stabbing hime. He has an appointment with a neurologost next week, but I have been reading and I was wondering if this can be diabetes or if not do you have any idea? I am really worried about my dad. Thank You for your time,
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I certainly understand your concern for your dad and I hope that you & he can get to the root cause of his pain and then relief it.

I am not a physician, but from what I've read the symptoms you describe don't fit the usual markers for diabetes (type 1 or type 2).  

Since newly diagnosed diabetic adults are more likely to be Type 2 than Type 1, here is info on usual symptoms.  I've taken some of this info from the www.JDRF.org website (which has lots of good information, if you should need it) and some from the Amercian Diabetes Association website.

From JDRF:
What is Diabetes?
Diabetes is a chronic, debilitating disease affecting every organ system. There are two major types of diabetes: juvenile diabetes (an autoimmune disease also known as type 1 diabetes) and type 2 diabetes (a metabolic disorder also known as adult onset diabetes).  {LRS comment:  adults typically develop Type 2, if they get diabetes, tho' some do develop type 1}

People with type 2 produce insulin but their bodies are unable to use it effectively. Type 2 is usually diagnosed in adulthood and does not always require insulin injections. However, increased obesity has led to a recent
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