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BUN Test Results

My father is 57 and has had diaabetes since he was 20.  He did not take good care of himself for years until he lost his sight 14 years ago.  He also has high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.  He has been having kidney test ran that I belive are the BUN.  Anyway, over the past 5-6 years the result has been holding steady at 55.  Last month it had decreased to 42.  Last week the results were 77.  I am very alarmed by these numbers as several years ago the doctor told me that the kidney function had been holding steady at 55 and that was about 35% kidney function.  My question is how bad is 77? and what are some of the things that would cause this change so quickly?
Thank you to all that answer
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Hi adezmom!  I am a volunteer, not a medical professional, so any information passed on to you should be verified & discussed with your Father's healthcare team.

I checked out a terrific website and found out some information that I believe you will find useful.  Please refer to http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/bun/
test.html for some answers to your question.

I, thankfully, do not have any personal experience with this area of diabetes, but hope that others out there who do, will share their knowledge with you.

From the information that you have stated, it looks like you are doing the right thing by inquiring further into what the results mean for your Dad.  Have you posed this question to his endocrinologist?  Has he been maintaining better control of his blood sugars?  It can be challenging, but better bg's mean better overall health.  If you need help with that, please let us know and good luck with your Dad!
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My doctor advised me to take a 24 hour urine analysis after he performed the blood tests on me testing all kinds of different things such as glucose levels, thyroid, etc.  Should I be concerned or is this standard and common procedure for testing of Diabetes?
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please read the web page


This has an article on a person who was on dialysis and is now leading a normal life. Modern medical treatment hits a dead end with a case as of your father. Maybe you can try this also while continuing your normal regular treatment with the endocrinologist/nephrologists.

If possible encorage him to start yoga and meditaton. Though yoga has its roots in India , but it is now practised the world over.

One  more web pages of interest to you


If this makes sense I can provide you with more information.
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