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Boyfriend with type 1 diabetes

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years now.  I love him and we are considering getting engaged.  He has had type 1 diabetes since he was 12 (he is now 26).  While he hasn't always watched what he eats too closely, he now tries to take in fewer carbs, eat a bit healthier and excercise more because he is committed to me and wants to live a long and healthy life together.  He has always been of average weight and height and is otherwise healthy.  I am worried about his health deteriorating in the future and the risks of passing this disease on to our children.  Is there a good chance that he will become seriously ill in the near future and our kids will inheret the disease?  I feel like I am waiting for him to get sick and am mortified that something will happen to him and I will be left a widow with kids to raise on my own.  Am I obsessing or is this a real risk I will have to take if I do decide to marry him?  He has taken me to a diabetes educator and he told me that my boyfried will most likely lead a normal life.  Was he just trying to appease me and give us hope?  Please help!
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Hi Daisy! I have been type 1 for 49 years and it's been along haul when I was younger. Please don't obsess. With your b/f eating right, exercising and taking his insulin(s) he should be ok. It is when the blood sugars are constantly high that complications start to set in. The only thing that happened to me was something called, "Neuropathy" which affected my hands terrible. It's a numbing of the nerve endings and believe me that pain is horrible. We do and can live a normal life. We are better for ourselves and loved ones taking care of ourselves. Learn all you can. Read, read and read. Diabetes is a progressive disease but taking one day at a time helps. Don't think ahead and worry yourself sick. Things do happen but less chances when we have tight control of our sugars. It was said when I was diagnosed and it still holds that it does run in families and down the line; a family member can get it. It ran on my mom's side with my aunts and uncles. It skips so many generations. It could be that, say your kids have kids. One of their kids could get diabetes. If you need, you can email me: dnorvellatcomcastdot net.  Ask anything you want and I will do my best for you and him.  Just know that all diabetics are different. What is good for one may not be good for the other. Take care.
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