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I was diagnosed with celiac about a year ago. Recently though when I get my routine blood work which is about twice a year my 12 hour fasting sugar is anywhere between 90 and 105. I have also been extremely hungry like every thing I put in my mouth evaporates in my stomach. I also seem to pee everytime I drink something and get up about three times a night to pee. I told my endo who I see for my thyroid and she not seem concerned is this an issue I should push? I am have not been diagnosed with diabetes but my FBS use to be like 50-60 and know they are increasing
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Ask to have your A1C tested.  Truely normal A1C should be in the range of 4.1 - 4.6.  If your is above 5 then you would need to watch your diet and for potential development of diabetes.
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