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I have weened myself off Lantus Solostar insulin and have not taken it for months. I got my A1C's down from 12.2 to 6.9 in 3 months and normal BS every day. Ate healthy.. Well I have been very bad again and I went to lunch and had fried seafood and then a sundae at Dairy Queen. Mouth very dry and thirsty as anything. Checked my blood Sugar and it was 459. I took my Metformin early to try and bring it down. Can I take maybe 10 units of the Lantus to try and bring it down a little more? Just wondering if the long acting works that way. Thanx Liz
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A blood sugar of 459 is serious.  The solostar is a long acting insulin.  it will not have a quick effect.  If you are still having high blood sugars when you read this, I recommend you go to the ER and they will give you fast acting insulin to bring your sugars down.  Recommend you go to your Dr, regardless and discuss with him or her about fast acting insulin that you can use with meals.

When your blood sugar is high you should drink lots of water.  if it doesn't come down you need medications.

Your Hba1c of 6.9 is still too high to be healthy. It gives you an average blood sugar of about 160.  This is double normal for people without diabetes.  Complications are known to start with consistently raised blood sugars above normal.

I would also suggest you learn more about using insulin and use your insulin to get normal blood sugar levels.  Fasting < 95 (range ideally 70 - 90), post eating < 120 (ideally < 95 (ie. similar to fasting levels).

Please let us know how you go and also ask questions.
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Also, if you are really type 1, you posted in the type 1 forum, then you need to be taking insulin to stay healthy.

If you are type 2, you may be able to manage by following a low carb diet, exercising, building muscle mass, Glucophage/ metformin, and maintaining normal weight.

However, bottom line is that you need to normalize blood sugars to prevent complications.
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