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Diabetes and Adderall


My name is Mike and I am a type 1 diabetic. I'm 18 years old and was just wondering what complications could arise from taking Adderall and being a type 1 diabetic. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hello Mike,
We're not physicians here, so please check with your physician about what you read here.

Pls forgive me if I'm wrong here, but I'm also going to make the assumption that you're using or considering this medication for "recreation" (we adults call it abuse) and not because you have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/or ADHD).  If you have ADD, then you know you can discuss your full medical diagnosis with either your endo or your psychiatrist.

Many teens seems to use this drug to get energy that they feel they lack, or to get a high they want.  Lacking energy is often related to other less-than-healthy behaviors -- late nights, soemtimes alcohol or pot, lack of rest, and lack of regular physical activity.  Given your screen name, perhaps you're taking good care of the physical activity part.

In a word, recreational drug use can be deadly for diabetics.  Anything that alters your metabolic state and/or your mental abilities is an invitation for reckless behaviors.  I know personally of 2 young people who are (or were) diabetic and also were "enjoying" a drug-enhanced life.  One died.  The other is suffering devastating complications from diabetes.  

Please don't dismiss what I'm saying because I'm an adult.  I was also diagnosed as a teen and walked in your path for a while.  The drugs "back then" were less avialable, less deadly, and less "laced" with things that can kill on the first try.

If soccer is your thing -- join a young adult league and up your energy that way, and your self-confidence, and your pride in doing good for yourself and your team.
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I don't want to discredit the advice of the above post. You should take the utmost of care with any drug you ingest. Using drugs recklessly and carelessly can lead to lots of bad things, including your own death.

However, I think that we should all be careful about the way we talk and think about drugs. To say that a drug shouldn't be used because a doctor hasn't written you a prescription is a bit myopic. When used properly and with caution, Adderall, like coffee, valerian root, St. Johns Wart, Marijuana, or any other drug, can be a useful drug. The labels "recreational drug use" and "abuse"  (as you adults call it) need to be taken with a grain of salt. Most Adderall users take the drug to help with specific tasks - studying, doing homework, focusing at work. What if your problem is that you spend too much time playing soccer, an activity that you don't feel you need to focus on, and cannot concentrate on a book you are reading. Many of these users (myself included) take issue with the idea that in order to have access to these drugs we must carry the label of disorder or deficit with us.
This is not a post that attempts to discredit the Medical establishment. Quite the contrary. Growing up with a physician as a mother taught me some important things about our basic day to day interactions with drugs, even the prescirption kind. Pharmacology for the common person requires a combination of some basic knowledge about certain chemicals, moderation, self-understanding, and a good deal of common sense.
Again, this is in no way an attempt to discredit or negate the post before me. Merely a suggestion to also consider other opinions.  I think you should do more reading and exploration on the issue.
I found these testimonials to be helpful, although not entirely conclusive.

I also find that www.erowid.org is a helpful place to study drugs from a variety of aspects.
Keep in mind, these websites should supplement, not substitute, the advice of medical experts.
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Just wanted to point out that Adderall uses some of that glucose the brain needs to react faster so you might be in danger of low blood sugar spikes.  Make sure you supplement sugar of some sort safely into your day’s flow
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The best way to control blood sugar is by eating lower carb, and adjusting insulin levels accordingly.
Drugs like Adderall can sometimes be a concern because they can suppress appetite.
Regular monitoring of blood sugar is the best way to see the effect on any drug, and then appropriate management can be done.
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