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Diabetes and Hypertension

I have diabetes for 10 years and recently got diagnosed with Hypertension. I am not overweight and i got these genetically.
Can you please suggest how to lead a healthy long life with these two deadly diseases.
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These are only 'deadly diseases' if they are not properly managed.  If they are well managed they should not impact significantly on having a long healthy life.

You need to optimize treatment of both.

For BP this will mean regular exercise (daily), weight normalization if you are overweight, and eating an unprocessed low carb, moderate protein and high (healthy) fats diet.  Medication should be used if lifestyle measures alone cannot control the bp.

For diabetes, it is critical that you keep your blood sugars as close to normal as possible.  Normal is Hba1c of < 5.0, fasting blood sugar in the 80s, and post eating blood sugars not higher than 120.

If your blood sugars are high and cannot be controlled with diet and exercise (Same diet as recommended above), then you need medications.  Do not be reluctant to use insulin if oral meds are not working.  Learn how to use Insulin appropriately and you can achieve close to normal blood sugars.  There are excellent online resources you can tap.

Stay happy as well.  Stress in our lives is also detrimental to health.
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Thanks for your encouraging reply. I am already taking insulin and my numbers are also good however sometimes i mess it up specially when i attend parties.I end up eating a lil bit more.
One more questions - Can i enjoy red wine and is it healthy in my scenario.
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Hi Priyanka,

Congratulations on your good results and hard work.

Parties can be a downfall.  At parties, try to stick to the high protein foods / and low carb foods, rather than the sweets.  If you do overindulge check your blood sugar and do correction dose of insulin and  monitor closely until you are back down to your target numbers.

Red wine can be enjoyed in moderation, a glass day, or a couple of glasses on a special occasion.    For some people alcohol may result in lowered blood sugars later (it suppresses the liver's release of glucose), so it is important to monitor your blood sugars for how alcohol affects you to be sure you compensate appropriately.

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