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Diabetes and Mood Swings

My daughter has had diabetes for 25 years (type 1) and is having a battle with anxiety, depression and terrible mood swings.  Is this normal?
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Hi Scarlet.  The information you obtain on this website does not come from medical professionals, so any information should be reviewed with your daughter's healthcare team.  We consist of people who are either living with diabetes themselves or are directly related to someone who has diabetes.

Anyone living with a chronic disease such as diabetes, can be prone to anxiety, depression and mood swings.  You ask if it's normal, and I would think that we all deal with one or more of these at some time in our lives.  It's how we deal with it that's important.  If your daughter has good blood glucose control and manages her diabetes well, she may not have as much of a problem handling such distresses.  If she is not in good control, then what may typically be a part of life for most of us may become a major issue for her and may require professional help.  Whatever her circumstance is, she will need your love and support to help her through it.  I am glad that you've taken a step toward helping your daughter by trying to educate yourself through out website.  I hope that others who may have dealt with anxiety, depression or mood swings will share their experiences with us to help you more.
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I agree with the answer given above, and just want to add that if glucose levels are either higher OR lower than normal, this physical problem can affect moods. Many people comment that their type 1 children become irritable or cranky when glucose levels are out of whack, and so a very physical reason may be behind some of her problems if her glucose levels are not in good control. So even if the problem is mostly rooted in her emotional inability to cope with stresses in life (and maybe with having a disease like type 1 diabetes), maintaining very good glucose control will certainly help remove any possible physical reasons for irritability or depression. It can only help to look closely at how tightly her sugars are controlled.

But that being said, many people with chronic illnesses do require professional help, for the emotional toll is great when dealing with a daily tightrope walk that we can never get a break from walking. Some doctors actually believe that ALL type 1 diabetics should be under the care of a therapist to help us deal with this stress in a healthy manner. Feelings of anger, depression, and denial are really very common.
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My husband is a Type 1 for 20 years now.  Mood swings are VERY common when the blood glucose is not right.  When his is high he is very irritable, cranky and short tempered.  We go check it and sure enough, it's high.  After he takes some insulin, he's back to his happy go lucky self.
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Hello-type 1 for 30 years and depression has been with me since my teens. Sadly, I didn't ask for help until my 30s. My Diabetes control actually became better after starting an antidepressant. My health improved greatly in one year with treating the depression, getting a new pump, and dropping 20 pounds. My only regret is not getting help in my 20s.
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I am so glad I have found this site. It is now 2 years since I was diagnosised with Type 1 and I am having a really hard time with mood swings. Im am having similar feelings I had before I was diagnosed but my blood sugar levels are relatively under control never very high. I am having regular emotional outburst- very angry, very frustrated, very abusive, a lot of crying and screaming. I feel completely out of control, like im going crazy (losing my mind). I feel so down. Im actually jealous of people who have a healthy pancreas - how sad is that!?I feel angry with myself that im not doing a better job. If I was life would be rosy. I beat myself up over why , if im doing everything  correct then my sugar levels should be perfect. It has started to affect my relationship with my husband. Im giving him such a hard time - i feel really guilty about this. He doesnt deserve it as he is such a loving and supportive husband. Its almost like my personality has changed and i dont like who ive become. Im due to have an insulin pump fitted in a couple of weeks i hope this will help me get tighter control. I take regular exercise, im not overweight, most of the time my sugars range from being in 'the zone' to as high as 14 - I dont know why im behaving like this. I feel embrassed bringing this up with my consultant as I get very emotional. Is this part of being diabetic?
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Hi, my son has had diabetes for 4 years now.  He is 6 years old.  He gets very angry and irritable when his blood sugars are high or low.  He will start screaming, sometimes goes around and punches furniture, and says very angry words.  Im not sure if this is normal with type 1 diabetes in kids.  I feel helpless when this happens.  I treat the high or low sugars immediately, when insulin goes in affect or i need to give him food for low blood sugars, and he starts to feel better he is back to himself.  When he gets in these moods i let him get his anger out!!  Anyone have any suggestions?
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