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Diabetes in kids

My grandson is 9 he weighs 100 lbs. He is sedentary, plays computer and video games all the time. I checked his blood sugar, it was 96 in the morning. I am concerned as he CRAVES sweets, is always hungry and when he uriniates it looks like the foam on a head of beer. Do I ask his doctor to investigate or am I being too cautious??
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Hello.  I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes.  A normal, healthy blood sugar range is between 80 and 120, so a 96 is likely just fine.  You could verify that with a check prior to eating breakfast in the morning, as well as a check 2 hours after a regular meal.  Now just because the top end of the range is 120, sometimes healthy people's blood sugars fall outside that range, but it will always go back to normal ranges.  

Being 9 and 100 pounds isn't necessarily a bad thing, depending on his height.  His doctor can do a Body Mass Index calculation with him to see if he is overweight.  With the way you describe his lifestyle, I'd be more concerned about him developing type 2 diabetes than anything.  A visit to the doctor will help understand the medical issues, but it is up to the parents to change habits.  Good luck.
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hello. i have a son of 2nd half year old,quite from some he is having cold and even he passes urine alot and even drinks water alot.he craves to eat after every few ,he takes his meal ontime even though to go tosleep he askes for milk.his milk intake is more,he doesnt like sweets but almost from 1year he is over weightso iam just worried what is the reason he is passing urine so many times.so please help out
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