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Diabetic signs or no?

I accidentally posted this in the wrong section so I decided it would be more fitting here. Here's the gist of it. Last week, I suddenly got this vague pain in my index finger on my right hand, accompanied by tingling and numbness in said hand and on some of the arm. It was only moderate and nothing that was hurting me real badly, so I simply decided to let it be and within 4 or 5 days, It was much better. Then I believe on Tuesday, my left arm started to get numb followed by a small portion of the hand and two fingers and it returned to the other arm that the issue started. It would kind of flux between the arms in regards to the numb/tingles that I've been getting for the past 3 days or so. I should also mention that since then, I've been getting these "wet" sensations on different areas of my body. I would feel like a drop of water has hit my skin, yet I look to see that I am completely dry. Even when I was in water I would still feel these. Now I feel something strange on the left side of my neck where I feel that if I bend my neck in a certain direction, it will cause something to snap which may screw up my nerves even more. Can someone give me some insight as to what this might be all about?
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Hi, this doesn't sound related to diabetes at all.  You can always check your blood sugars to see if they're normal.  Fasting should be < 95, and 2 hours post eating < 120.

Maybe bring these symptoms up to your doctor.
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