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My husband is diabetic during the day he is fine but asoon as we get in to bed his legs and feet starts hurting. He gets up and walks arround the house a little then he is fine but asoon as he lays down the pain starts again. :( what can be the cause and how can i help him? O ya of he lifts his legs a little it seems to help for a while.
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Hello~It sounds like a circulation issue to me. Is he on any medication for the diabetes? Maybe sleeping with his legs on a pillow so they are elevated a little bit would help.

I would contact his physician and tell him what is happening, hopefully, he/she will have some idea as to how to help this issue.
He takes insulin 3 times a day, the problem is he doesnt want to go to the dr :(
-1- Men often do NOT want to go to the Dr.
-2- Many Drs complain about #1
-3- When us MEN do go, I have encountered a gamut of reactions. From YOU are doing something WRONG, you fault, (even when it's not!
-4- Be a MAN, take it like a man, don't be such a sissy.
-5- Maybe he should consider, a better, for him, Dr??

** Sometimes even a good patient & a good doctor,
        just do not click, thru no fault of either. **

More than once I have dumped a doctor and moved on. Then again, one time I tried another PCP, got a referral to a great diabetes center and cardiologist, but he subsequently
pissed me off, & I went back to my previous Dr. (not exactly previous, because I never actually dumped him)

Good luck to BOTH of you. Do get him in to see A DOC, current or new. This could be anything from a minor no-big-deal, to something SERIOUS!


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This is possibly diabetic neuropathy.  This is caused by chronic high blood sugars causing damage to the his nerves.

There are medications that may help.

However, the best way to reverse this is by having very tight blood sugar control (ie. keeping blood sugars in the 70 - 120/140 range all the time).  To do this it is necessary to control his diet (low carb is best in terms of reducing blood sugars) and take medications appropriately.    Please note that if he is able to keep very good control the pain may temporarily worsen (regrowing nerves can be painful) before it gets much better.

Of course, this advice does not replace seeing his doctor and a proper diagnosis.

Hope this response will be helpful.
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