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Diet For Type I

I've been a Brittle diabetic for almost 33 years, but this past year just recently got into some eye problems.  My right eye started w/just a slight bleed.  Then I was also diagnosed w/glaucoma, where Laser surgery was performed.  This past week I had my 3 month check-up now slight bleed in left.  I seen a retinal specicialist and he told me that he would like my A1C 6.3-6.8.  I told him it is very difficult for me to get a lower A-1 C and I was never at 6.3 only when I was first diagnosed.  I recently started this dash diet where there is very little carbs I also read some comments that other type one diabetic's eat very little carbs so
can somebody please tell me what kind of foods that they eat and do they avoid all sugar completely

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Hi,  low carb / ketogenic diet.  

I don't eat any grains,  fruit,  starchy vegetables, or anything with added sugars.

I eat salad and green vetables,  nuts (in moderation),  meats,  eggs,  cheese, butter,  cream.

Look up Bernstein diabetes university on utube.  lots of great information.
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I can't believe you don't eat grains & fruit, grains are bread, & isn't some fruit better for you berry family?
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this is what works for me and means I use very little insulin and rarely have highs or lows (and never rapid ones), and can keep an a1c in the low 5s.

theoretically on low carb I can eat some berries from time to time.  Truth be told though, I am not a fruit eater.   I much prefer vegetables (greens, celery, capsicum, tomato, egg plant, pumpkin, beans, avocado, etc).  I do eat upripe fruits such as green papaya and green mango occassionally.

I don't miss grains at all.  they give me indigestion.  I do make low carb breads from time to time (particularly for my children) out of almond flour or coconut flour.  There are some great low carb website for lowcarb baking (alldayIdreamaboutfood) is a great one.  However, I mostly just stick with basic foods.

Breakfast is typically just coffee with cream.  Both lunch and dinner will typically be some sort of meat and veges.  
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