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Dizzy after eating, Please Help.

I don't know why but after eating I feel dizzy.  It's worse if what I eat has alot of carbs/sugar.  Also, I notice it seems worse when I first eat in the morning.  What could be causing this?  My doc did a glucose test about 1yr ago, it came back normal.  Any info would be helpful.  Thanks
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Hi Dawniem,
I am a Type 1 diabetic but not a doctor. I was diagnosed with diabetes as a teenager when i stopped producing insulin. Personally when my blood sugar is running high (normal is between 70-120mg/dl) I feel somewhat light headed as well as sick to my stomache. In addition quite fatigued. You do not mention any other systoms such as frequent urination or extreme thirst which are also signs of high blood sugar and possible diabetes. My suggestion is you go back to see your doctor a lot can change over 1year.
Feeling dizzy can be symptoms for quite a number of illnesses.
Hope this helps and you feel better soon Carolyn
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I'm a volunteer here, not a medical professional, and I have had diabetes for 11 years. I also have felt dizzy on numerous occasions but have never really linked it to diabetes itself. I agree with CG's comment that dizziness could be a symptom for many other illnesses. It is interesting, though, that you say you experience this feeling after eating. Are you taking any medications, especially any that you take before or right after eating, that could be causing this dizziness? I had an experience like that once. As soon as my doctor took me off the medication my dizziness stopped. At other times my doctors couldn't determine exactly what was causing my dizziness and they seemed to get more frustrated than me, not being able to pin point it. Usually they would give me the prescription drug "meclizine" and that would solve the problem. I do not recommend that as a solution to you by any means -just sharing my experience to illustrate that the cause of dizziness is not always diagnosed, or is diagnosed incorrectly.

I'm not quite convinced that it's diabetes that is causing your dizziness, especially since you say it was ruled out a year ago, but to be on the safe side have your doctor check your glucose again. If it turns out ok then talk to your doctor about any other possible causes. It may be worthwile to consider seeing an ENT doctor as it could be an ear problem (like a middle ear infection), a neurologist, or even a GI (gastrointestinal) doctor, since it seems to be happening after eating -maybe it's a digestion issue. I know I sometimes feel dizzy when I'm nauseous after eating. And as CG mentioned above, high sugars do make you feel light headed (as do low sugars -anything out of normal range), but since you don't mention any other symptoms associated with diabetes it seems there's something else causing your dizziness.
Let us know of the outcome and feel better!
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Hi Dawniem.  Have you heard any more news regarding your dizziness after eating?  I have the same symptoms and we might have hypoglycemia.  My mother has it.  I get extremely nauseaus and, shaky and dizzy around noon if I haven't had any breakfast.  I eat lunch at 1pm, then I am dizzy again at 4:00pm and I am dizzy now as I type this.  The bottom line is I know I don't eat right.  When I was eating salads and baked chicken everyday, I never had a problem. Now that I am back to Starbuck's chai latte for breakfast and meat and carbs for lunch I feel terrible.
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Hi, I have the same problem actually and am experiencing it right now as I type - about 30 minutes after eating.  I believe my issue is caused from insulin resistance (pre-diabetic condition).  At present my body makes insulin but the interplay between my blood sugar levels and my pancreas releasing insulin is more like a slam dance vs. a waltz.  I experience "morning syndrome" also.  At about 4-5 am I wake up feeling jittery & dizzy.  In my case, I believe my blood sugars get low (either from not eating or over-releasing insulin) then my body releases sugars from the liver (including cortisol & adrenaline)...and on and on the dance goes.  I get a jittery/buzzy/vibrating feeling when this is going on.  I monitor my blood sugar regularly & have actually captured this interplay (the bouncing) accompanied by the jitters as my blood sugars go up.  Unlike some people whose blood sugar fluctuates wildly with diabetes my body keeps my sugar in a very tight window, all the time.  From about 95mg/dl to about 110 mg/dl.  On occasion I have caught it going as high as 180mg/dl (during a religious fast).  So if I had to guess, I'd say one possibility is that your body is doing the same as mine...over responding and trying to keep your insulin levels "normal" with a very unharmonious release of both sugars (by diet or liver) and pancreas over compensating.   The good news is that a diet of meat and green, with a small portion of healthy carbs like a small potato, whole grain slice of bread, etc. quells the jolt a bit.  Good luck
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Hey :) Just another Diabetic, not a doctor. I'm 16 years old and was diagnosed two months ago. Thats how I felt a lot, I also urinated frequently and was constantly thirsty. MY friends even made fun of me because of how often I used the restroom. But whenever I eat something high in sugars, I normally just want to sleep. All last year for instance, I'd pass out in 5th and 6th periods, you should probably get checked again
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Hi there,

I've been having the same symptoms and I am certain it has nothing to do with blood sugar. I've know a couple of people that feel dizzy or drunk like after eating, which is due to a candida infection in the body.

Everybody has candida, but this bacteria often gets out of control, specially when you eat lots of sugar and carbs (which it feeds on).

My recommendation is to try a sugar free diet, drink LOTS OF WATER, brush your teeth every time you eat, and take Caprylic Acid, they sell it at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or any vitamin store.

Read this article bout candida, the symptoms vary, and you don't have to have them all to have candida:

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Wow Deb, you just totally described exactly what I'm going through. It was my sister (She has a diabetic son and husband) who suggested I start watching my blood sugar. I did track it for a week about 6 months ago but since I only caught it out of whack once, my doc dismissed it. I had a glucose test as well and it came back normal. It went away for a few months and is now back. For the last month, after I eat something with refined carbs like bread or pasta, I get jittery, lightheaded, and nauseous. Then I get a massive headache for about an hour. I do go the restroom alot, but I also make it a point to make myself drink 2 liters of water a day and I thought that was the reason why. I started checking my glucose with a meter and will continue to do so over the next couple of weeks as well as journal everything I eat. I'm frustrated that my doctor just blow this off and I'm tired of feeling like crap all the time. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one and I'm not crazy as I think my doctor thinks I am.
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Omg everyone here is feeling the exact same way as I am. I am Kristina and I am 15years old. And I just can NOT live my life like this anymore I need answers!!!! The symptoms I have been experiencing for the past almost 2 years are
- severe headaches
- extreme thirst
- really tired
- numbness in my hands
- hot flashes

I have been tested for diabetes like a year ago and they said everything was normal. I have also had CT scans and stuff too, because they are trying to rule things out. People are now starting to make me think that I'm crazy, but I know I'm not because I know I should NOT be feeling like this :( please I just need someone help.
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I had the same symptoms and was tested for everything under the sun (diabetes, spine trauma, cancer, etc.) after a year and alot of frustration I finally had a live blood analysis which showed I had an overgrowth of yeast in my blood stream which is called Candidea. The odd part is that I didn't have any other symptoms which are typical to Candidea except the dizziness/drunken feelings. After modifying my diet to remove all simple sugars and carbs I started feeling better within a week. Now, I can enjoy an alcoholic drink on occasion or a dessert, but have to limit it to once a month. I know from going through this process that there are many things that traditional testing does not pick-up. In fact, even the live blood analysis didn't show an extreme overgrowth, just a slight one. But even slight imbalances can make us feel awful. My recommendation to anyone experiencing these symptoms is to eat only vegetables and lean protein for a month, after that introduce fruit, but be very weary of any refined flour or sugar. There are a number of Candidea diets online if you need help finding recipes. Many incorporate yeast killing agents like Coconut Oil, etc.
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Dear Deb

I get the same exact symptoms as you do.4 & 5 am everything as you it drives me crazy I tell the Doctor he look at me like I am crazy
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Hi Everyone,

I have been battling this for years, now it seems it has manifested itself into worse symptoms, worse dizziness.  I hear a ringing in my ears, I feel like my head is so inflamed it may pop off!  My sinuses and ears are plugged most of the time.  I take an anti-inflamitory to reduce the dizziness.  I can not think clearly, my eyes even seem to be blurry.  This is most frustrating!  

I have been on candida diets several years ago, I feel I better start it again after reading your stories.  It has given me encouragement to stay strong and do the right think for my body to feel good!

Thank you everyone!
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I get this too. Have you found anything new about it?
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  To whomevr I may help on this matter!  I am not a doctor ,  but am here to try and give some good advice for those who have had some similar symptoms.  Over the past 6 or 7 years, I have experienced horrible symptoms such a dizziness almost as if I were drunk. My balance was way off and I was even at the point to where I was slurring my words.  I had horrible stomach issues and allergy like symptoms as well. Not to mention excessively dry skin.  I have to been to multiple doctors such as my PCP, ear nose and throat specialists, had a CT scan and to the allergist office on 3 different occaisons.  I would like to tell those who have similar issues what I have found out after doing some research.... You ready for this?!  I found out that it is due to products that contain ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!  For some reason this stuff affects me in ways that I cannot even describe.  I had issues with this in the past but it appears that I cannot have even the slightest amount of this stuff.  The research I have done has pointed me to ASPARTAME TOXICITY!  You will not believe the amount of people who have similar symptoms.  I am not looking for any problems with anyone because I guess it does not affect everyone but for some reason, it has an effect on me.  The doctors couldn't find it in all the testing that I had but as soon as I removed it from my diet, I began to feel better immediately.  Like I said,  always see your doctor first!!!!  This is just an example of what has happened to me and it may not be the same for everyone. I am just here to tell my story... I hope this may have helped some and wish you all the best of luck getting healthier!!!!
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Aspartame is a poison approved by the FDA and made by Monsanto Corp who also manufacture GMO grains and the Artificial growth hormone for cows(rBGH) which is banned in Europe. The artificial sweeteners including HF Corn Syrup, Sucralose and Saccharin, have been proven to cause long term side effects including brain damage and obesity in children. They are used in diet sodas, canned goods, cereal, toothpaste;almost everything people use daily and have had a major role in destroying the health of our nation. Just avoid all these artificial additives, and a red meat diet, and watch your health improve 'significantly. Our government is run by Big corporations and they don't care about you-it is only the bottom dollar so help yourself and anyone else who wants it.
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