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Does any using Novolog Slide scale?

Does anyone use Novolog sliding scale for insulin diabetes? What health benefits you people get from it?
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Hi Simon,

Sliding scale is quite an old-fashioned way of dosing insulin, and can have much error unless one eats exactly the same way every day.

More modern approach is basal-bolus approach.

This is where basal (slow acting insulin) is adjusted to cover insulin requirements without food, and bolus (fast acting / meal time insulin) is dosed based on amounts of carbs and proteins that will be eaten at any meal.

The ratio of how much insulin to how much carb / protein is determined over time and with experimentation.  

My Dr first told me to use 1 unit of fast acting insulin for 25 g of carbs, and adjust from there.  Typically I will use 1 unit of insulin for 10 g of carbs in the early mornings, 1 unit of insulin for 20 g of carbs later in the day.

Hope this helps you find some direction.

Please come and ask more questions.
My dr wants me to change from a sliding scale to taking Novolin 3 units each meal.  Consistency is so important.  Then another week I am changing to Lantus once a day from taking Levimir 2x a day.  Change is hard for me but I need to remember to stay with my carbs small amount and protein and fat.  
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