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Extreme case of diabetic peripheral neuropathy?? Or am I dying?

For the past year, I've been having complications with the lower part of my body.  I used to work in a place where it was extremely hot, and they offered soda all the time.  After drinking about 4-5 20 oz. drinks on a daily working basis, I've come to discover after one night that my body just refused to work. It wasn't only isolated in my legs, but my arms, shoulders, and stomach (abs).  I've read in many places that Diabetic Peripheral Neropathy usually develops over a (Not a long period of time) but definitely not in the 6 mo.s that I've been experiencing these symptoms.  I haven't been to a doctor in a long time, and I don't wanna be diagnosed with Diabetes (Although I know it's inevitable that I will be diagnosed and that I already have diabetes.  I just really hate taking any type of drugs or shots.  I don't have a phobia, I just really like taking the natural route and allowing my body to fight off flus, colds, or whatever comes my way.)  I know that what I am experiencing is not healthy and that I'm asking my body to be paralized and asking for loss of vision, but I would like to know how to combat and live with these symptoms without having to take artificial drugs.  Maybe I just have a circulation problem?  Should I also mention that I've checked my blood on a glucose meter before, and I've actually reached upwards of 326 and 364.  I hope I'm not on my death bed tonight.  Help me out guys.  Has anyone felt this much of an extreme case of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy?  If so, am I in serious danger?  Should I write a will?  I'm 21.
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Hello steeloyangster,

I am a volunteer here and NOT a medical professional, so you should ALWAYS follow up with a doctor.

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 3.  He is now 11 and very healthy.  Sure, diabetes can be a pain in the u know what, but it is part of our daily life and we have a way to treat it.  

First I want to tell you that if you test your blood sugar and are 200 or higher, you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor to have tests performed.  Diabetes, whether type 1 or type 2 is not something to be ignored.  I am not trying to reprimand you, but I am going to give it to you straight, if you are a type 1 diabetic (I am more familiar with type 1 than 2) your pancreas eventually stops producing insulin and without giving insulin whether it be shots or via an insulin pump, you WILL die.  A type 1 diabetic cannot take herbs or natural remedies and live a long, healthy life.  Insulin is here to help you.

You should make an appointment today.  Not to be harsh, but if you are not already in serious danger, you will be if you ignore it.

Insulin and certain medications are here on this earth for a reason....to help people live and stay healthy.  There are certain diseases such as type 1 diabetes that CANNOT be conrolled with natural remedies.


If I did not give my son insulin and he died, I would be convicted of murder and would deserve the conviction.

My son is a happy, healthy, compassionate, boy and would not be here today if he was not given insulin.

Please keep us posted.

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I urge you to get to a physician immediately.  They are the only ones who can properly diagnose and treat your condition, whatever the cause may be.  I am assuming you are concerned with your health on some level (although you don't care for drugs or shots) or you probably wouldn't be posting here.  So, from someone who cares and had a diabetic child, please get medical assistance as quickly as possible or dial 9-1-1 if you are unable to get there yourself.
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I must agree with the previous two postings.. Blood sugar levels are considered normal between 70-126 (before meals). If you are having glucose readings as high as what you wrote, your body may be getting seriously damaged. Even if you are not developing complications such as neuropathy, your body may develop ketoacidosis and this can kill very quickly. If you do have neuropathy, it can be reversed in some cases IF glucose levels are brought back to normal quickly before the damage is severe. So you must get to a doctor quickly to find out what is going on. If you are a type 2 diabetic and not a type 1 (usually overweight), you may discover that you can treat this disease by losing weight and watching your diet and exercising, although you probably would be put on medications at first. So don't avoid the doctor because of fear of medicines... if you are a type 2 diabetic act quickly now, you may be able to normalize those glucose levels and then get back to a more careful lifestyle that is free of medicines.

So don't give up and don't try to avoid doctors. You truly need to see a doctor quickly before something serious happens. Then you can get control of this issue if you are diabetic, and you can live to be an old person. I am a grandmother who has had diabetes since age 12, and i am healthy. So medicines that PRESERVE your good health are preferable to refusing medicines and having poor health.
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In my life, I am a leader.  I'm looked upon by friends and family alike as a strong figure.  I'm asian and about my whole family has diabetes.  Lately, I've been really careful about what I eat and how often, I typically don't check my blood, because it sorta puts me in an anxiety phase if it's kinda high.  I haven't had a Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy attack in about a month, and I'm very glad for it.  I'm starting to believe that I can manage this myself without intervention from a medical specialist.  I'm also looking into other ways of managing my glucose and DPN.  Thank you guys very much.  IF I have any other questions or attacks, I'll let you guys know and I'll also let you know if I got to the doctor and let the see what's wrong with me.
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I really hope you listen to the other posts and see a doc asap!  I thought telling you about my own denial might help.  I've had Type I diabetes since age 25 (now 35).  I was a commercial pilot and in great health and never even dealt with anyone with diabetes.  For a few weeks I had the normal symptoms but ignored it.  I even liked the fact that I had lost 20lbs but I came to realize something was wrong.  After going to a drop-in style doctor and being told he thought I had Type 2 diabetes and that I should see a specialist soon I went to work.  Then I went on vacation to my mom's house.  If I did have diabetes and needed insulin I would lose my job plus have a disease.  I was in massive denial.  After a couple of days, my boyfriend (now husband) and mom finally just told me I looked horrible and took me to a doctor.  I was so weak, tired, thirsty, etc!  After a couple of hours the doctor verified that I had Type 1 diabetes and immediately put me on insulin.  Let me tell you....life sucked but my body immediately started feeling better and I looked so much better within a couple of days.  I did lose my job (that's still a sore subject with me) but I am very healthy.  I have since had 2 girls and manage my diabetes with an insulin pump with no problems yet.  When my dad started having symptoms of Type 2 diabetes I really got on him but he also went through months of denial until finally he realized that if I could deal with it he could too.  Please know that denial is a totally normal part of it but you HAVE to get past that part and move onto acceptance (and anger, sadness, etc).  Once you do you will go back to enjoying life albeit with a little extra work.  Good Luck!
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I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes since 1984 and I am very glad to hear you are now watching what you eat and how often.  But there is so much more to being a diabetic.  I encourage you to go see a doctor. If you are truly a leader and the strong person your friends and family believe you to be you need to use that strength to get over your fear of seeing a doctor. I don't believe in giving a doctor complete control over my health and I never will.  After all it is my health and I am very active in my own diabetes management.  I actively participate and research every suggestion the doctor gives me to see if it works for the type of diabetic I am (everyone has different reactions to treatments).  By not seeing a doctor you are limiting the amount of information you have to keep yourself healthy.  And if there is a history of diabetes in your family are you "leading" others to not take care of themselves because they are now following your example? Please opt for the more information route....the more you have the better you can find the method of treatment that works best for you to manage your own glucose levels.  I would be dead if I had tried to manage this on my own with out a doctors help and the insulin I use to treat it.  Take control and don't let this conquer you.
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