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For 3 nights waking up at 1:30 with bs in 60's

I'm not doing anything different in my routine but for the past 3 nights around 1:30 I wake up with my blood sugar in the 60's. Any ideas on what this could be?
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Hi, what is your medication.  While BS in the 60s is not yet dangerous, you certainly don't want it any lower.   If you are on basal insulin, and I'm assuming your dr has instructed you on how to adjust doses, then you may slightly reduce your basal insulin overnight.
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What is your blood sugar when you wake up in the morning, also?
In the morning they are lower 100's for example, today was 112. Never higher than 130. I've been on my long acting plan for some time now it's 20 of Lantas around 9 p.m
Hi,  this is probably reflecting the peaking of the lantus.  If 60s are as low as you go, it 's probably not too big a problem.    Your fasting blood sugar is not low.  Likely what is happening is that you are going a bit low, and then going a bit higher.  You may possibly consider changing your lantus dose to the morning instead of the evening.  This way the 'peak' will be happening during the day.  However, you may find that your fasting blood sugar becomes higher due to the dawn rise now being at the end of the lantus action.  Alternatively, talk to you dr about using levemir.  This is dosed morning and night and the dose can be different for morning and evening to target optimal blood sugars.  There is also a new insulin called Tresiba.  Many find that this gives very stable blood sugars with less risk of lows.  You may also discuss this with your Dr.  
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Eat protein before bed to help sustain BS higher longer. Also consider environmental factors: if you sleep with window open on a cool night, or its cold in the room, your body is working harder to keep you warm which plays a role in your BS going down. As for 60...that is dangerous low as you become immobile at 32. My experience? My friend I lived with for 5 years is a Type 1 and I saved her life... I honestly lost count, catching her at 60, 45, 32, 28, unreadable on meter when she was convulsing and slipping into a coma.
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