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GTT Test

Yesterday I had a 3 Hr GTT test. Results were: Fasting:122; 1/2 HR:225;  1HR:266;  2HR:150;  3HR:65  About 15 minutes after the test I started feeling weak, dizzy and disoriented. I made it to the candy machine and ate some peanut butter cookies. After sitting about 20 minutes I felt better and drove home but was exhausted the rest of the day.  This morn. I feel normal again.  I have a Dr. App. in a week to go over the test results. Was this a normal reaction to the test?  Do you think these numbers are normal? I have never felt like this before and thought I was going to pass out.
Thanks, Pop's
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I looked on the American Diabetes website and there is an OGTT test- is that the test--meaning oral glucose tolerance test. This is what they say about those results.   OGTT test, a person's blood glucose level is measured after a fast and two hours after drinking a glucose-rich beverage. If the two-hour blood glucose level is between 140 and 199 mg/dl, the person tested has pre-diabetes. If the two-hour blood glucose level is at 200 mg/dl or higher, the person tested has diabetes.
I am only reporting what I read.  
If your blood sugar was 65, yes what you experienced would be a low-blood sugar.  
I am a TYPE I diabetic and when my blood sugar is 65, sometimes I feel weak and hungry and possibly disoriented.  Other times I have to test my blood sugar to know it is that low.  If my blood sugar goes from being highish and then drops quickly(like in half hour) I get more of those symptoms--I believe because of how quickly it dropped.  Having a low blood sugar reaction can take a lot out of you.  Sometimes it makes me very tired-other times hardly at all.  I have a friend, in her seventies, on the insulin pump who gets very tired-even exhausted after a low blood sugar.
I am not sure if I am helping to answer your questions-but I am sure that your doctor will answer your questions at your appointment.  I would suggest that you write down all of your questions and concerns and bring it with you--sometimes when I go to the doctor I forget to ask questions-so I learned to come prepared.

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Thanks for your response. I found the American Diabetes website you were takling about and it is very informative. I have a Dr. appointment wed. the 24th. I will write down my questions and concerns beforehand so I don't forget anything, good idea thanks.

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