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Gaining Weight with Type 1 Diabetes

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost a year ago now.  He's very active in sports but he cant seem to gain any weight now.  He's a Pitcher, starting Point Guard and a starting Quarterback for all his teams but I think if I cant fine a solution to his weight problem he going to have to give them up and that would be a tremendous blow to him.  All of his friends no him as the consummate athlete who love to play all of his sport with passion and for the love of the game.  Right now he weight 75 lb.  There is no one in either my wife or my family with diabetes so I counting on someone here to help me with finding a solution.  
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Many kids are skinny with diabetis. Has the doctor told him to quit sportsS Maybe a different diet will help him.
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No the doctor told him to continue to play all the sports he wants because it's healthy for him.  I'm just concerned about him not gaining weight for such a physical sport.  I guess I'm just not used to seeing him so skinny.  

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I can understand your concern. I have known many people over the years with diabetics, its second nature for me to not panic over weight loss or gain. Sorry, I did not mean to come across as being insensitive. I can understand your concern, hes your son after all! Hope all is well. there are several ways to put weight on and improve your health while playing sports. I would drink insure plus. Its taste really good in chocolate now.
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