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Getting Tested for Diabetes Next Week

My mother was diagnosed with Diabetes 4 years ago (she is 76 now).  I am 51 and have a disease that already messes up my insulin. Over the last 2 years my weight has increased and I am worried what's going to happen if I am diagnosed with Diabetes.  If I can control it with diet, is there are there any specific books you can suggest about how to control Diabetes throug good nutrition?  Thank you.
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M1s2go~ thank you for coming to our forum seeking information.  This forum is designed for type 1 diabetes information and not type 2.  Those who have type 1 diabetes don't have the option to control their disease with diet alone . . . they must have multiple daily injections of insulin. So, while I am familiar with some aspects of type 2 diabetes, I'm not competent to offer you the information you're looking for.  I'd suggest you go the the American Diabetes Association's site and read their information . . . they are more geared to type 2 diabetes.  Sorry I can't offer you more . . . best of luck!
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You're wise to try to be proactive to stave off or prevent developing diabetes.  I have Type 1, but pals have suggested this book a LOT.  Seems filled with tips and information to help Type 2, especially during the sometimes scary first year:

First Year Type 2 Diabetes:  An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed.  By Gretchen Becker.  It was published in 2001.  ISBN: 1569245460

Check back because others are likely to have some suggestions, too.

Good luck to you.
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Thank you for the name of the book.  Have a Barnes and Noble near me and will go see if they have it.  Will keep in touch here.  Thanks again.
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There is a Barnes and Nobles near my house and they are a great resource for books on diabetes. I am sure you will find a book there. I know I have found books on type 1 and type2 diabetes.

Good Luck
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Thank you so much for the feedback! I've been looking for some kind of change in my lifestyle all around (eliminating some unwanted stress, finding ways to improve eating habits, etc.) and maybe this is a good wake up call after all.

Not knowing is the worst part so now I can get a jumpstart on what's ahead.  I've been on some Diabetic websites and going through some of the symptoms and I've had a few of them for a long time, so we'll see what happens.

Thanks for the support.
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