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Head sores that won't heal on diabetic mom's head

My mother is a diabetic and she recently had a brain stem stroke. Anyway, she was living in the 400's for problem 2 years due to negligence on her diet.  My sister and I noticed that during the past 2 years, she gets these small bumps on her head and she constantly picks at them and they won't heel.  My brother, who is a nurse and also a diabetic, said they were Keloids and diabetics get them.  I think he was sugar coating it b/c I can find no connection between the two anywhere, plus they don't look like a keloid.  They are not from scar tissue, they just look like scabs.  Does anyone know if these are common in diabetics?  I have heard that sores do not heel good on on diabetics, but I would like to know a cause.  Any connection?
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Hello again.  I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes.  Your brother may be talking about the diabetic condition where sores don't heal.  That can be caused by high blood sugars damaging blood vessels, and it's a common symptom of diabetes.  Keloids can occur because of the extra scratching that the diabetic will do on the sore that doesn't heal, causing the extra skin to grow.  Are your mother's blood sugar scores under control?  Maintaining good control will help the sores heal.
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Your mom's sores sound more like seborrheatic(sp?) cysts-these are like little oil or fluid filled sacs that arise from a blocked hair follicle and can be surgically removed.  After picking at them, they form scabs and leak fluid.  If this sounds right, then  your mom needs to see either her doctor or a plastic surgeon, who can remove them.
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I have this too - it is sebbhoraic dermititis - I use TSal shampoo by Neutrogena (basically salycilic acid shampoo) once or twice a week to prevent new sores and used it everyday until they healed.  It works wonders.  The sores do not heal quickly on anyone that has this (my father and sister have it as well but no diabetes).  This shampoo quickly fixed and prevents the problem for me.  Good luck!
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Did you lose hair?  My mother loses a lot of hair.
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I have had type one diabetes for 17 years and have had sores on my head for at least 5 years. My blood sugar is in pretty good control, and I have tried everything, and nothing has made the sores go away. They are itchy so I do pick them every once in a while which does not make they heal. Did you ever find out how to get rid of them?
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I've had this problem for about five years too. Type 1 diabetic for 34 yrs. Control not brilliant. No matter what i've put on them never seem to disappear. My sores are in the crown area of the scalp. And get painfully sore.
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