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High Sugars - Insulin Pump Issues?

Lately I've been having weird issues and I'm a type 1 on a pump.  (generac humalog).  Sometimes it's great - Levels always between 84 - 150 (post meals).  But then I have these days where I wake up in the mid 200's and STAY there for hours even with taking adjustments. I'm so frusturated.  I'm on the pump to maintain the tight control that I always aim for and I'm not new to pumping.  Aside from the obvious things that I'm checking for - air in tubing, not infusing in scar tissue (that I can see / feel), not using old insulin...etc... I don't know what's going on.  It's sort of a hot and cold thing so I don't think it's my ratios or basal.  I'm so frusturated.  I'm very prone to anxiety / depression so when my glucose runs high I get panicky and feel like it's all crashing down.  It's making life very hard.  I'm also active (bikram yoga, gym, running) and it prevents me from feeling well enough to do these things.

Help? Anyone else gone through this?
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