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How likely is it that my son is diabetic too?

I'm a type 1 diabetic, have been since I was 23. My son is 6 and the last few days I've noticed he's been peeing a lot, so I checked his blood sugar and it was 196. I'm scared he could be diabetic too. Should I check it again tonight or wait and take him into the doctors?
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please keep checking his sugar, and get him to the Dr as soon as possible. It does sound like he has diabetes.

let us know how e goes, please.
I AGREE, take him to Doctor ASAP!
Blood sugars when down on their own, checked again and they were normal. 114. Now I need to take him in still to see why he's peeing so much.
When type-1 strikes, there is also what is called a HONEYMOON period, more like (Dante's inferno, imo)
Because YOU are a type-1, you picked up on the signs much faster/sooner that most would. Most would not equate the SX, let alone have a glucometer to check, an the child could end up in DKA before they had a clue, beyond just a ill child.

That said, it still could just be because she ahs been sick. Its a cart v horse ******'uation.

BETTER SAFE, than sorry.
Well had his appt today. Checked his fasting and it was 93 which is higher then she would like. Now I'll have to check his fasting for a few weeks. But also said that if he is  constipated that it could push his bladder and making him feel like he has to pee.
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Scary to think my son could end up a diabetic. I have a 19 month old baby girl too. I'll update again when I find something else out. Thank you guys!!!
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In early diabetes the blood sugars will still come down on their own.  But seeing numbers as high as you have is not normal.  Hope the dr will check hba1c and antibodies.
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