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Hyper in morning after drinking a lot of water?

ive been going to bed with normal bloodsugars, such as 90s - 140s... but for some reason keep waking up with high blood sugars, such as 240 and above.  ive tried many things such as not eating past 9:00 or 10:00, but nothing seems to work.  I drink a lot of water (crystal light), could this be the cause of the problem?  I wake up and urinate right away, but dont wake up to urinate in the middle of the night.  for some reason I think that drinking all of the water (crystal light) is causing my blood sugar to rise.
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I agree with you that the Crystal Light shouldn't be the cause. How about what you are eating for your evening meal? I am a long-time type 1 diabetic, and I find that if I eat foods with fairly high fat content mixed with carbs, such as pizza or french fries, my glucose pattern is identical to yours. In my case, those foods digest so slowly that they are digesting all night, long after my mealtime insulin has peaked and gone away. So my glucose levels rise while I sleep. I find that if I eat low-fat foods, I don't have this problem. The problem is that I am asleep while the food is still digesting, and the only solution is to take extra insulin before I go to bed when I eat those foods, which of course is dangerous because we are sleeping while insulin is peaking, leaving us prone to misjudging the proper dosage.

There could be other causes, too. You did not mention what your insulin regimen is, but the timing of your insulin or the type of insulin could also be the problem. If this continues, you probably do need to discuss with your endocrinologist to see how best to adjust either food or insulin to stop the morning highs. All I have done here is to throw out one possible answer. There are many, depending on your insulin regimen.

Some people live with something called the dawn syndrome, whereby their body empties out all insulin after they wake in the morning, causing glucose levels to rise after they wake up. You might want to do some googling on this possibility, too.
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Yeah, i take insulin, before dinner, and in the morning only.  at one time my doc suggested that i take the longlasting insulin before i go to bed.  however i go to bed usually around 1am or 12am.  so i dont know if thats too late.  also, it doesnt seem to matter what kind of food i eat. the result is still the same.  

Thanks for the quick response.
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The water could would not be the cause, however with the Crystal Light in it it could be the cause, even though it says sugar free when i drink it it runs my blood sugar up//
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I wanted to mention that the longlasting insulin could help even if you go to bed late. I have found that as long as I take my insulin at the same time everynight it doesn't matter what time you go to bed...just watch what you are eating after you take that injection. There is also a possibility of taking your longlasting insulin in the morning. My stepdad does that. Ask your endocrinologist.
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Could be due to the "Dawn Phenomenon".  This is something that affects many diabetics.  It causes the blood sugar to go up in the early morning hours (2 or 3 in the AM)
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