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Hypoglycemia in children

My 7-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Everytime I look up info on the web, I am taken to a diabetes website. She has not been diagnosed with diabetes. What are her chances of becoming diabetic? Her doctor said hypoglycemia sometimes precedes diabetes in children. Is is possible to "grow out of" hypoglycemia? If so, what are the chances of this happening?
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I am not a doctor, only a volunteer who has diabetes and I don't know the answer to your question about your daughter's chances of getting diabetes. I have heard the same thing, but I also know people who have been hypoglycemic for many years without developing diabetes.  I do not know if it is possinble to grow out of hypoglycemia, but with the proper diet, this may become much less of a problem.  I wish I had some answers.  If there is anyone out there who knows more about hypoglycemia, please respond.
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Hi, I have reactive hypoglycemia. One of the best websites to learn about hypoglycemia is reactivehypoglycemia.net. I don't think it's possible to grow out of hypoglycemia. I'm a teenager and I've had it since I was two or so. I really wish though!!
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My son (he's 10) has reactive hypoglycemia.Has your daughter's blood sugar been tested? If she goes up to around 160 mg/dl and falls to 60 mg about 2 hours after meals then it's reactive hypoglycemia. This type of hypoglycemia does not lead to diabetes. you can find more info on the prediabetes-reactive hypoglycemia myth in this article: Reactive Hypo-diabetes myth

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Whoops, forgot the link to that article:
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I have hypoglycemia.  I was just diagnosed with it in November.  My doctor told me it is going to lead to diabetes most likely one day.  She said even if not, I will always have the hypoglycemia.  She said it's something I will never outgrow.  She said keeping my A1C under control though, is the best way to keep problems from getting worse.
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Yes, it is possible to "outgrow" hypoglycemia. Or so I was told.  I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia when I was about 4 and told I had "outgrown" it when I was about 9.  Not sure if it was because of the hypoglycemia or because of family history, but I was an overweight child when I was diagnosed and remained that way.  I am now 22 and was just recently diagnosed with it again.  Though I have had symptoms for YEARS.  but the doctors never did the right 3 hour glycerin test.  They only did the fasting sugar test.  If your child is ever told they have outgrown it be sure to watch out for signs of relapsing into it.  I also have the same trouble finding information such as recipes etc for hypoglycemia.  What my doctor says I can eat and what I cannot eat is a lot different than what the sites say diabetics can eat.  She basically told me to check for anything that has malitol, dextrol, anything ending "ol" bc its just another name for sugar.  I eat sugar free bread, apples, strawberries in moderation for a sweet fix.  Your child will eventually outgrow a sweet tooth as not having those foods will help them not crave it.  It is a trial and error process to see what foods boost energy and what foods seem to not help as much.  also make sure they eat every 3-4 hours to keep those levels balanced and steady.  it is hard and is a pain!  My doctor told me that I can control it by my food intake and will probably always have it but if I eat right and no sugar, odds are I wont become a diabetic.  If you have any questions just post them I'd be happy to share ideas!
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