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I just got diagnosed with type 1 are there any frozen meals I can get

I just want something that I can just buy if I am in a hurry and I will want to eat for lunch that I can pick up on my way to work. Thanks
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The Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones personal meals work well for me. While they have approximately the same amount of carbs the fat content is really low (which makes my bloodsugar levels easier to control since the carbs are being released quickly-like normal- and not being released over a long period of time...this makes it substantially easier to control my bg). Also stay away from Bird's Eye because that brand has an astronomical amount of carbs and fat (depending on which dish you buy). Hope this helps! :)
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It's not going to be easy. What i have learned to do for my daughter is look at carbohydrate and compare what we will eat. It will get better trust me and easier but never just easy.
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Atkins meals! They are pricier than Smart Ones or other brands like that, but the Atkins diet is low carb so these meals VERY little carbs and lots of protein.
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the best way for people with diabetes to eat is lower carb, as this helps prevent blood sugars from going so high.

Hamburger, without the bun (some places wrap it in veges), salad with protein, quiche, nuts and cheese, left overs from the previous day's dinner, sausage with veges, vege sticks with dip?

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