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I think I have diabetes?

I'm certainly no expert on it, but I have poked around the internet quite a bit lately and it seems to keep popping up. However, some of the key symptoms seem to be missing. Still! Here's my story!
I first realized something was wrong about a month ago when I weighed myself and I was 106. Usually I keep between 115-120 and I was just fine with that. I haven't been dieting at all, so it's completely unexplained. I'm sixteen and 5'5", by the way. So, anyway, I started googling and didn't find much. A few days later, I noticed my feet were very, very dry. They hurt, especially where the toe connects with the foot. Also, my toenails are all cracked and I've never smashed them. I put lotion with Aloe on them, but they're still pretty nasty-looking. Their apperance never bothered me, just the pain. Now that I have to look at them quite often I do admit it bothers me.
I'll try to keep my other symptoms quick:
I get really dizzy when I stand up, or sometimes when I'm just walking, and see what looks like static, but it quickly fades. This has happened since I was thirteen, I think. However, it happens all the time now and it's much more intense.. and I can also hear my heart beating in my ears when it happens. Sometimes, I have to hold on to something.
Like I said, my feet are really dry. The rest of my body is pretty dry as well, but nothing like the feet. I put the same kind of lotion on my hands and face after showering every day. I don't know if it's related at all, but I do have pretty bad acne. I know, I'm a teenager. It's unsightly, but I never thought it might be caused by something more. I've had it since I was 12.
Again, since 12, my hands have always beeen really cold. People literally jump back when they shake my hand.
I have problems falling asleep, I think. I have to had stayed up for a long, long time to actually fall asleep. Yet, I woke up less than five hours ago and I feel sleepy - I actually always feel tired anymore. If I were to try to lay down, sleep would never come.
One night, I slept over at a friend's house and had to sleep on the floor. I couldn't sleep then because my legs felt like they were on fire. It's only happened once when I was in my bed. I don't know if the floor had anything to do with it.
This is an odd one - I feel hungry when I shouldn't and don't when I should. It makes zero sense and though I feel like I'm hungry, when I make something I generally throw it away after the first bite because I'm magically not hungry anymore. Yet, sometimes it seems like I could eat a horse.
One day, I laid down and immediately became so very sick to my stomach. I can't remember what I had eaten, but I kept a bag by my bed because I was scared I was going to puke. Never did, though.
My skin looks like it has purple blotches most of the time. I'd say this is also since 12.
Recently, like the past week, I've felt like I'm losing my mind! I can't remember things... like songs I love. They have to play for nearly 10 seconds before I can remember the titles. Also, my speech seems to be slurred a bit. I've always been horrible at reading out loud and such. I don't think it's ever been this bad, though. My friend's laugh at it, actually.
Just yesterday, my leg started hurting so bad when I'd stretch it out to walk or anything. My mom said I probably pulled a muscle, though. It hurts today, though. It kinda comes and goes.
This may not be related at all, but since I was 12 I've been incredibly depressed. I have my highs and my lows, but it's usually a low. I've been to many counselors, but it was all a waste of time and money. I was 'okay' for a while and I really hadn't cried for a long time, but about two weeks ago I lost it and just cried and cried. I don't even know why, I just did and now I'll just randomly feel so bad and want to cry again.
And the last thing! On my left side, under my rib cage, it feels as though something in there spazzes out randomly. It doesn't hurt.. it actually almost tickles.

I know the first thing people look for in diabetes is thristy and peeing, but I can't tell if I have a problem with it because I don't really have anything to compare to. I know I'm thirsty right now, but I've spent all this time typing this without taking a drink of anything. Still, I want to point out that when I drink tea, it goes right through me. I think that's just a tea-thing?
I don't know. I'm certainly not doctor, nor do I ever wish to be. All I know is that there's something wrong.
I hope someone can help me!

Just in case, I haven't been to a doctor yet because my mom lost her job and insurance on me, but we just got it back. Also, I have spoke with my mom about all this, but she says everything that's wrong with me is simply because I'm depressed. I don't think that's right because I don't think you can just be depressed. There has to be something causing it, right? Anyway, I just want to know if I'm being silly about it all, because I don't want to waste my mom's time making her take me to the doctor when there's nothing wrong.

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They sometimes do, but not enough that I would have considered it a symptom. However, I don't know if it's related, but if I put s hand above my head while sleeping my entire arm goes numb to the point I'm scared to move it because I might break it and wouldn't be able to feel it.
Anyway, thanks a lot! I'll definitely get on my mother a bit more.
Do you know of any other illnesses that it could possibly be?
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You have alot of the symptoms but it could also be a thyroid problem.  A simple blood and urine test will tell you.  You definately need to see a doc asap.  There are free clinics if you dont have insurance.  The problem is...is that if you do have diabetes and it is going untreated, you are damaging your internal organs and can end up in a coma from either too high or too low of blood sugar.  I dont mean to scare you, but kids have died from it.  You really need to address it asap.  Please!!!


Mother of a type 1 diabetes son.
PS.  I waited so long to take my son that he lost 42 pounds in 6 weeks and almost had to go to the hospital by the time I took him to the doctor.  DONT WAIT!!!
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hiya ....iam sorry you are having all these problems its not nice ....have you ever thought about panic attacks iam saying this because i suffer with them myself and all the symptoms you have discribed are the same feeling i get i hope you get it sorted out.

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I have type 1 diabetes and you should go to the doctor because that sounds like it. Also if you have stomach pain on your left its a sign of high blood sugar
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It also sounds like you should get checked for dipolor. Because with the up and down moods for no reason it reminds me of bipolor, as I have it at that's what it's like. I also have type 2 diabetes but one way or anyother you really should go see a dr
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