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I'm losing hope. =(

Hi. I am just new here and I really am bothered with my very very high blood sugar. I am a type I diabetic since I was 12, now I am 21. I have been trying so hard to control my blood sugar this past few MONTHS,but then, I really am having a hard time figuring out which food is making it high. I did a trial and error on the food that I am eating...and almost all of the food makes my sugar shoot up even in very limited amount. I really feel like I am losing hope of feeling better and obtaining a low sugar count. I am so much depressed with my condition right now and I sometimes binge eat and do self-induced vomiting afterwards. I am experiencing leg/muscle/calf pain more often...I don't know if it is because of hypokalemia --as a result of my excessive vomiting. Please give me some advice. I really don't konw what to do now. =( Thank you so much.
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Hi.  I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes.  One thing we found with our daughter is that it is less the food but the types of carbs in it.  For example, most kids-type breakfast cereals make her shoot really high because of the sugar content.  Foods that have good fiber content are more easy on her blood sugar.  Have you heard of the glycemic index?  It is a value that shows, essentially, the effect on your blood sugars.  Foods with high glycemic index are generally ones that make blood sugars rise quickly, so they are generally ones you want to avoid.  The exception is carrots, which has a high glycemic index, but is so good for you that you need to keep eating them.  We've also found cinnamon can flatten the spikes in your blood sugars.  Plan meals with good balances of carbs and proteins, but balance everything you eat with an exercise plan.  Exercise can help reduce your blood sugars, and it will also help you feel better about yourself.  It will help you reduce your binge eating.  Are you on the pump or shots?  Have you asked your doctor if your carb ratio is correct?  Maybe your ratio needs tweaking.  Stress can also make your blood sugars rise, and it sounds like you are putting yourself through a lot of stress.  

So I guess I'm saying to mix exercise in with whatever you do, make sure your carb ratios are correct, and make sure you plan well balanced meals.
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I can relate to what you are going through.  Diabetes is such a frustrating disease!!  Sometimes I go through periods where my sugars are just not as good as they should be and I get upset too.  I'll tell you what though I am better at figuring out what is going on, now that I have had diabetes for 26 years! I could not tell if you are male or female-so I will just start listing some things that make my blood sugar go higher. Are you getting your period?  Usually the week before mine my readings are higher.  Have you had your thyroid checked?  I had to have mine removed because I had graves disease(common with diabetic patients to have thryroid issues as well)the graves disease or over-active thryroid made my blood sugars high.  Have you had any steroids for other problems--they can make your sugar higher too. What other kinds of medication are you on--some drugs can effect your blood sugar. Are you stressed out(it does sound like it)when I am stressed sometimes my blood sugar goes very high.  Depression can make you lethargic and not as active as usual too-maybe that is it too.  I would suggest you call your endocronologist immediately.  Also call a dietician-have your doctor recommend a few.  Talk to someone-you do not have to be alone--you made a good first step by asking your question on this site.  Diabetes is very difficult-maybe you could talk to a therapist or go to a diabetes support group-at the very least find a supportive listener and vent a little bit!
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Yes I am a female. I am not taking any medications right now. By the way, I ordered slimming pills the other day, do you think it would affect my blood sugar to shoot up? You said that stress would also cause an increase,so I was also thinking that maybe my upcoming NCLEX examination causes my blood sugar to rise because of my anticipated anxiety and accompanied by headache. Please give me some more advices. I really am thankful that I have joined this forum, I am being educated more regarding diabetes.
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Don't lose hope. I was in the same position you are in, worried, depressed. My bg just didn't make sense. I contacted my endocrenologist. She made me feel much better just by talking to me. AND, they checked my thyroid. You would not believe how much your thyroid can affect your bg. Call and make an appointment, they can help. Ask about your thyroid. Hope this helps. Its hard and a pain, I know, but things will get better.
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