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I'm worried my daughter might have type 1 diabetes

My usually happy and healthy 11 year old daughter the past 2 weeks has been very sick. It started out like the stomach flu, she threw up and was tired a lot. After a few days she started getting extremely thirsty all the time and urinating very frequently. She's also noticeably lost weight yet it seems like she's eating more. She's just not been acting the way she normally does even when she's sick, some days she's been very weak and a couple day ago I smelled sweetness on her breath. I am terrified that she might have type 1 diabetes but my ex who she was staying with when this began thinks I'm being ridiculous so I've withheld taking her to the doctor. Should I be worried??
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Those are the symptoms of ketoacidosis. You should get her to the doctor right away.
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Please take her to a doctor or the emergency room immediately.  

Children can sometimes develop type 1 after an infection or illness.  If it is not diabetes, then you can be relieved.  however, if it is diabetes then her condition could be life threatening.

Please come back and let us know how she is.
Thank you for the advice. She was taken into the emergency room several nights ago and unfortunately was diagnosed with diabetes .
Hi Alyssa, sorry to hear about your daughter.  You and she will have a very steep learning curve in the next weeks to months.  Diabetes can be managed, and life goes on not too different from before.  I would recommend you read the book "Diabetes Solution" by Dr. Richard Bernstein.  He teaches about managing blood sugars very well with medications and low carb diet.  There is also a group called Type1grit - you can look it up.  They have fabulous low carb recipes, and lots of inspirational stories of kids managing sugars well.
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You should take her to the ER ASAP to at least be evaluated. Yes DKA aka diabetic ketoacidosis has those symptoms but so does high blood sugar in general. She has the 4 common symptoms of diabetes seen in kiddos.
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Please take her to the Dr! My signs were exactly the same. I waited too long and almost died from it in the ICU for three days with an insulin drip!
I'm so sorry that happened to you and we took her to the ER several nights ago and she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
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Ive had all these besides the throwing up part....I thought it was nothing too but with time the symptoms got worse and I feared that I had type 1 just by searching up the symptoms I was having. Thank god I went to the doctor if I had not went I could of been in a diabetic coma. I strongly advise you to take her that way you can know for sure and go from there to getting her better and under control.
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