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Is he diabetic ?please help me out...


This is regrading my Husband's recent blood report which i got last week.He is 30 yrs old.My mother in law is severe diabetic person.even she lost her an eye with glaucoma.

As per his report :
fasting glucose level : 9.2nmol/L.
B12                    :70pg/ml
serum potassium          :5.2nmol/L
Alt/SGPT serumlevel      :77
Serum Gamma GT level     :63
LDL cholestrol level:3.93
HDl cholesterol level :2.8

he doesn't like sweet that much.rather likes nonveg and rice.Does he really need to get into medication for diabetic or exercise and food habit can decrease teh level.he had gone through teh test 6 montsh back where he had diabetes in bit higher side and tryglyceride as 300( where the max should be 150).
As per the doc we didn't get into any medication as taht time he was going thorugh alot of mental stres for his work.
Even now a days he is quite stressed but is that impact diabetes ?I know there is alot of chances of him to be diabetis because of heredetary but i wanna know how to control without getting into any medication.
I am not getting teh complete comparison of the two reports as on efrom Uk and other from India.could u plz help me in getting out of this confusion.
i really don't want him to enter on to any medication. he is 5.9 inch and weight 81 since past 5 yrs.we just completed an yr of marriage am really worried for him..please help.


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Your husband's fasting glucose level is higher than normal. Stress can cause glucose levels to rise, but if they stay elevated (you wrote that they were elevated at his last checkup also, so they appear to have been elevated for a long enough period of time to cause concern), they can cause damage to his body. I would call his doctor and schedule a follow-up appointment to find out what the doctor wishes to do to help him achieve good health in this area. The reality is that IF he is diabetic, or in other words, if his sugar levels are running high most of the time, this alone can cause feelings of stress. So fixing the glucose problem may help his stress levels. If his doctor says he is diabetic, then you need to find out whether he is a type 1 or a type 2 diabetic. If he is a type 1 diabetic (caused by the body's own immune system malfunctioning) then he absolutely must take insulin in order to survive. If he is a type 2 diabetic (whereby the pancreas actually makes insulin but the body does not use it properly), then changing his diet MAY be enough, but his sugar levels seem high enough right now that I suspect his doctor will want to put him on some medications to help get them under control until a dietary change can have an effect.

I would suggest that you ask the doctor to do a hemoglobin a1c test, which is a much better test to find out if a person is a real diabetic or just is having a temporary high sugar level. This test shows what the average glucose levels have been for the past 3 months, and it really is the best test to show how well the body is doing at regulating its sugar levels. Damages to organs such as kidneys and eyes can happen if a1c levels are above 7 for extended lengths of time, and right now, his fasting glucose level is considerably above that magic 7 number. So I do think he needs to be seen by his doctor again and needs to get some help. Once his physical health is better, he may be able to better handle job stress.
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Hi dear,
Thanks a lot for your response.
Today we had been to DOC..am so unfortunate that he clearly told him, he is type -2 diabetic.and asked to go for medication for 10 weeks and then need to go for one more test then .i know with medication i need to control his diet also.i am trying to avoid oil as much as i can.basically being indian we prefer rice than breads..and he is fond of rice.yeah even doc asked him to stop red meat also because of teh cholesterol.
basically i want to know the complte diet for him in this stage.so taht whn he will go for next test at least he  will be in "7".even i had asked the same to doc..but he didn't tell anything to me rather asked not to interfere let only mu hubby and doc discuss..which was really.............
I need to try my best to control the level by diet also..and even i  am planning to ask him to go for jog in weekends .
Could you please guide me the proper diet  in this state.may be am gettng bit worried but can't help..
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The main thing that type 2 diabetics need to watch in their diets is the carbohydrate counts for the foods they eat. All foods in the United States have nutritional labels on them, and the carbohydrates in that food are listed in this label with a number. A slice of bread or one serving of rice (about a half cup of cooked rice) both contain about the same amount of carbohydrates, which means that the pancreas has to produce the same amount of insulin in order to metabolize these foods. Most type 2 diabetics avoid foods with high carbohydrate contents, so he should keep his rice servings small and don't combine this with other foods having high carbohydrate counts. Foods that are low in carbohydrates tend to be foods like salad vegetables, green beans, carrots (cooked without adding any sugar), and meats. Since he is watching his cholesterol levels too, fish and chicken may be the healthiest meats for him. Carbohydrate foods are OK, but keep them in fairly small amounts, and don't eat foods that have lots of carbs together in the same meal, which ends up causing a real strain on the pancreas.

There is lots of information about type 2 diabetes on the American Diabetes Association's website: www.diabetes.org/

And this website gives lots of diet information:

I hope this helps.
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