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Is it normal for a 13 months old baby?

Hi, i have my son of 13 months now and today i just got terrified when i saw some big aunts gathering around his wet pant. i just rushed to the diagnostic centre to do the reports of my son, i had already done urine test when he was about 7 months and it was normal except some pus cells. today i got 2 reports done for him one is random blood glucose and hba1c at 8 am and he just had a bottle of milk (lactogen with complan) at 6 am, so the result was 84mg/dl for random and 5.6 % was for hba1c so i am bit concerned about his hba1c whether if it's borderline or completely normal being a kid of only 13 months. please help me to overcome of this stress
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Is your little one having any other symptoms?  When he was 7 months old, what brought you to the doctor for a urine test?  All those levels seem normal- what does the doctor say?  
Nothing, he does not seem to have any other symptoms, and he is very active. he just pees while asleep twice so when i just saw some big aunts coming towards his wet pant then i got worried, rest we all are well even i got my checked up it was 5.7 hba1c and his mom is well. So i just got worried about what made those black aunts stick to my Prince pant. That's the only reason for me to be worried though the urine test came normal. he is of now 10 KG of weight.
I have been dragging all over the internet but not able to get any satisfactory answer so i will be going to doc as well now. I know that everything  is all well but still being a dad i am so much concerned about my son
Sounds like everything is normal, but it certainly never hurts for you to take your son to the doctor for a check up on it all- the Internet can be a great tool, but it can't replace a doctor and most of the time when you Google health related matters, it just makes you freak out more then is helpful and accurate.  Let us know how your son's doctor visit goes!
do you have any idea about those big black aunts? I don't  know i am bit skeptical. So do i need to go for other test like fasting and PP ?

let me know about my result my fasting was 116 mg/dl, pp 104 and random 74, hba1c 5.7% i am 32 now
I don't think you need to go for more testing- but your doctor will be the best source for that.  I really don't think that black ants are enough of an indication that something is medically wrong- there are no symptoms and the tests all are within normal limits.

If your fasting as 116, as an adult- that can be an indication of prediabetes (fasting is usually under 100), so you should follow up on your test results with a medical professional.  
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Hba1c of 5.6 is not normal for a small child, as it gives an average blood sugar around 120.  Normal hba1c for  a child is typically in the low to mid 4s, with average blood sugars in the 70s to low 80s range.  Without panicking, it will be worth seeing what the dr says about his result and continuing to monitor fairly closely.
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