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Is there any problem if I marry a diabetic guy

Is it advisable for people with diabetics type-1to get married? My parents are forcing me to break up with a diabetic .Apparently diabetics who have had diabetes for a long time (this boy has had it since 18) begin complications really early..... I love him and  I cant loss him anymore…but my parents as not accepting him. Is there any problem to him in future with diabetics ?
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How old are you? are they wanting you to break it off soley based on the fact that he has diabetes?
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If his diabetes is well controlled he should have no problem living a long and productive life.

It would be very sad to stop dating him for this reason alone.

YOu should be knowledgeable about diabetes too and help him to stay healthy.

Can recommend the book Diabetes Solutions by Dr. Richard Bernstein.  He is 78 years old and has had diabetes since he was 12.  Following his diet and management plan there should be no complications.

Maybe you can educate your parents so they will support you with this boy.
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Hi rinky~ all I can say is that I'm diabetic and have been since I was 23 following the birth of my daughter. That is 46 years ago now. Hard to believe it's been that long. I've had my share of ups and downs but mostly because at first, diabetes was extremely hard to accept. But once I knew how to take care of myself, life became 'normal' again. meaning that 2 shots a day were routine just like brushing your teeth:) As the years passed, I was put on an insulin pump which has opened my life up to many good things such as: not worrying about what time I eat my meals because with the pump, you are able to regulate how much insulin is needed for each occasion whether snacking or eating a meal. The two comments before mine are excellent recommendations. Good luck to you. My husband didn't care that I was diabetic and is extremely supportive to me:) His uncle has it and is familiar with diabetes.
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