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Is this Bronze Diabetes????

I continue to feel extremely fatigued (6+months). Pain in right arm, neck and shoulder. I've had numerous blood work and CT Scans, MRI, Bone scans over the last 4 years. Bone scan last year for pain in right calf only revealed moderate osteoarthritis in both knees. Still have off an on pain in right calf, not to bothersome though.

My latest CBC showed several high and low reults. They are WBC 12.6, HGB 17.8, RCB 6.30. NEU# 9.5, RDW 10.8 and MONO% 4.7. I'm presently seeing a Hematologist/Oncologist (referred by Primary) due to constant high RBC, HGB and HCT and low RDW. Any idea what would these readings are indicating? My abdominal CT showed Splenomegaly as well. Hema doc wants to wait 2 months for observation. He stated that if my HGB is high next visit, he'll need to perform phlebtomy - bleeding to lower these levels. He's waiting to see if my WBC drops as well. I beleive they've ruled out Polycythemia Vera.

Seeing a new primary who mentioned Bronze Diabetes.  Does my blood test results and pain resemble BD symptoms?  
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Markie has given you an excellent response and I'd just like to add this reference where you might begin to read more about it.  The sooner hemochromotosis is diagnosed and treated, the fewer the complications that will arise in the presence of excess iron.

Good luck to you and let us know how you fare.  I know another person who gets regular phlebotomies for this & he's faring quite well.  He manages his diabetes well, too.
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Diabetes is a complication of Hemochromotosis. It is referred to as  "Bronze Diabetes" because of a darkeing of skin colour that goes with it. Iron deposits in the pancreas cause a decrease in insulin production, resulting in diabetes. So if levels of iron continue to increase, you could start seeing your blood sugars rise.

Apparently, hemachromotosis can be effectively treated with blood letting. This reduces the level of accumulated iron. And takes pressure off the pancreas and other organs.


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