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'Isagenix' weight loss program

Getting a hard sell from a friend and fellow diabetic who's on a weight loss program called "Isagenix". Says it's great for dibetics. Just wondering if any one on the forum has any first hand knowledge/experience with this program.
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Hi linngwin!  I am sorry that I don't have any personal knowledge of this weight loss program. I did, however, look up their website and would like to share my thoughts on what I read.  Any time you want to begin taking this type of product, you should first discuss it with your endocrinologist.  They will be able to advise you on whether or not the product is suited for you.  This product contains herbs that can affect your bg level, so do not take it without your doctor's approval.  If you choose to take it, you should monitor your bg frequently throughout the day & night to see what it does to your levels.  My daughter was on an herbal supplement plan after her diagnosis 16 years ago and this was the only time in the past 16 years that she had a severe hypoglycemic episode - including convulsions.  Needless to say, we stopped the herbs immediately and have been complication-free by following a healthy diet of fresh fruits & veggies, lean meats, whole grains and low fat dairy products along with exercise.  My honest opinion of the product is that someone is getting rich off it it.   Try the common sense approach first & good luck!
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With respect to the JDRF-Team, their response is typical to most doctors... especially those in the US.  I agree that monitoring your BG is the most important thing but asking for your "doctor's approval" will be a daunting task since most doctors know very little about nutrition as only about 6% acutally take the OPTIONAL nutrtition curriculum.  They are in the busines of pharmaceuticals... correction... the VERY BIG business of pharmaceuticals which puts the general population at more risk than you might think.

I suggest you see a nutritionist as well as having your bloodwork done every month while on this product.  I do agree that just slapping a label on a bottle loaded with herbs and calling it a safe weight loss program is just bad business and simply greedy.

I can also tell you that simply giving a product a cursory look and basing opinions on summary information at best, you're doing a disservice to the entire medical community and to your patients.  Regarding the comment, "someone is getting rich off it"... really? I'm sure someone is getting rich off it... just like someone is getting rich off the shoes you're wearing, the car you're driving, the food your buying and let's not forget who is getting richest of all... the pharmaceutical companies.

So please try not to judge without first learning and opening yourself up to new ideas.  If we didn't, we'd still be bleeding our patients, drilling holes in their heads and burning women just because they float.
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