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"LOW" behaviors in toddler and pump

Hello All!
I found out this week why my son acts hyper during his lows rather then sluggish etc.  The Dr. said he has been having so many lows (honeymoon stage now YEAH!!) that the behaviors for highs have pretty much coincided with his lows if that makes sense.  He is just so use to feeling low that is activity level does not change.  

Also does anyone know of a toddler with a pump?  The Dr. said he may be a good candidate for one but i am leary about it due to being scared my sone will pull it out or with it interfering with his activity.  I thought pumps were only given to chidren that are school aged.

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Hi!  Yes, I've talked to many families where their toddlers were on a pump.  The youngest I've heard for going on a pump from our endo's office is an 8 month old.  You get a good pump pouch, and you lock out the buttons so that the child can't just start pushing buttons.  Toddler activity doesn't seem to bother the equipment, from what I'm told.  You're more likely to deal with holes in the knees of his pants than problems with the pump or the sites!  He'll likely only pull out the site once, because my 9 year old daughter says it stings pretty good (she did it by accident once), so he'll learn not to mess with it.
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I am a type 1 diabetic (in my 20s) and I work in diabetes professionally. I know many families with toddlers on pumps and very few have had problems with normal life interfering with the site/equipment. Most kids are so pleased to get off shots that it is a happy move for them. Regarding pulling it out: if your toddler does go on a pump he'll learn very quickly that leaving it alone is the best (read: least painful) thing. You should talk to your doctor more about whether it's the right choice medically, but I wouldn't stay away because of safety concerns.
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On another subject, the fact that your son's symptoms are the same when low as when high does not surprise me. I have very similar symptoms to both situations also. When either HIGH or LOW, I break out in a sweat, can get a headache, feel tired and sleepy, and mouth gets dry. You see, the body is facing the same problem when high as when low -- the body cannot get the sugar it needs for energy. When levels are high, this is because there is not enough insulin to convert the sugars to energy, and when levels are low, the reason is because there aren't enough sugars in the system even though there IS enough insulin to convert them. In both cases, cells and organs and the brain are starved for sugar. So the body sends out the same symptoms, calling for the sugar it needs. Makes sense, doesn't it?
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Hi- my daughter was diagnosed at age 16 months and has been on the pump for 3 years now-
It has it's pros and cons- but I definitely suggest going on the pump-

You have a lot more control over the insulin that is given and it is given in such smaller amounts that should your child experience a low- you can temporarily slow the insulin given or suspend it all together.

WE were experiencing lows as you described- and it was tricky to get her to eat at times (they have minds of their own!!!)- We were squeezing frosting in her mouth to bring up her BS and it could be quite scary.

We were also having to give up to 15 shots a day- whereas now we change her site every couple of days.
(site changes are not fun... and can be quite painful...)- but it is a lot easier to control insulin and snacking,etc. in little ones- also with activiity level changes,etc.

Hope this was helpful- God bless!

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