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Long term Type I Diabetes

Hi. I've had Type I Diabetes for over 37 years now - I was around 3 when i came down with it.  My question is for other long term Diabetics. I've noticed over the years that my hypoglycemic reaction symptoms have changed - generally dramatically - at stages of my life. When I was young, I hallucinated. The next incarnation was paralysis of all muscle groups including vocal - I figured it was my body's way of shutting down unnecessary parts in order to keep working. Luckily I was able to scream MOM when I realized it was happenning, although the first time was pretty scary for my parents.

I've been thru the sweats and trembling. The last incarnation was just to pass out - thank God that's done (I hope). The latest I've seen was to get nauseous - which is eerily similar to my high sugar symptoms. Makes it very difficult to motivate eating at that point.

Has anyone else seen consistent patters. or understands why a type of symptoms would reoccur for a period, and then change?
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Still curious if anyone is reading this...
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I've had type 1 diabetes for 20 years and my hypos have also changed over time.  When I was first diagnosed I used to get the trembles, sweats, go pale and it was easy to pick up on.  These days every hypo I have seems to vary, but I no longer get those typical symptoms that I got in the early days.  Now I seem to get really angry or depressed/stressed, sometimes I just pass out, sometimes I get a migraine, but it's really hard for me to know when my blood sugar is low.  My husband and kids usually tell me before I know myself.  I have to do lots of blood tests, but my sugars can get as low as 1.8 and I still feel ok sometimes, so it's very strange!
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Oh yeah - forgot that one - anytime I have a serious low (20's) I get a migraine - but I get them without also. It's more of an after effect for me.. 1.8 - is that a Canadian number?
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I'm actually in Australia.  I'm not sure what 1.8 translates to but I know it is very low.  It is measured in mmol.
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I just found this somewhere...
For conversion  5.5 mmol/L = 100 mg/dL (US)
So.. that makes my 20's... say 25 tho I've been lower... 1.375 mmol/L
Your 1.8 would translate to 32.7 mg/dl - still very low.

I typically start getting goofy below 40. I had one incident last year where I woke up, tested - it showed 40, but I remember seeing 60. I took my Lantus (long acting) and proceeded to "fall asleep" on my desk in the study - at least that's what the kids thought. They know better now. I "woke up" on the floor under my desk 7+ hours later with my sugar at 36ish. I got lucky. :-) I woke up with my step-daughter's stuffed puppy in my arms, so she was thinking of me...
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