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More good news (from Sunday's Washington Post)

This is just part of the article about a major donation to fight Type 1 diabetes.  Here's the link as well.


Fifty-three years ago, young Bill Brehm sat quietly as a doctor warned him about the young woman to whom he had just become engaged.

Delores "Dee" Sonderquist, a diabetic, wouldn't live long, the doctor said. She would be unable to have children, and complications of the disease would be devastating.

Last week, with his arm around Dee Sonderquist Brehm in their McLean home, Bill Brehm, 75, smiled at the memory.

"We want to prove him wrong," he said.

This month, the University of Michigan Health System announced that the Brehms had donated $44 million, the university's second-largest contribution and the health system's largest.

"Bill and Dee said, 'Why not go for the brass ring?' " Allen S. Lichter, dean of the Medical School, said in an interview. " 'Why not create a center whose goal is to cure this disease, or at least advance us closer to the day when the disease will be eradicated?' "

The money will be used to build the $30 million Brehm Center for Type 1 Diabetes Research, create a Michigan Comprehensive Diabetes Center to coordinate all the university's research activity on Type 1 diabetes and hire eight faculty members. It will be, Bill Brehm said, "a multifaceted, frontal assault" on the disease that has afflicted his wife for decades.

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Dear annalise,

Thank you so much for that information from the Washington Post. We always need to keep the focus on the positive research for a cure for type 1 diabetes. Research dollars are very, very invaluable. I do thank you again.

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That's fabulous news for all of us with diabetes or caring for folks with it.  Competition brings out the best in folks.

What a wonderful legacy they're creating!  
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