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My mom is type 1 and would like advice and info on new technology

So my mom has been type 1 for over 30 years. She's in her mid to late 50s. She is divorced and lives alone part time and will eventually live alone full time once my brother and I move out. She doesn't do the best job at taking care of herself but with being a type 1 diabetic you have to be on yourself constantly. I check in with her and text her to make sure her sugar levels are good and that she has eaten. I check in at noon, dinner time, and before bed. My grandma calls her every morning and checks in. There has been cases where it is low and I eaither directed her to eat or drink some juice or just went over to her place or called someone to go over to get her sugar levels back to normal I don't want to constantly have to text and call her because it's stressful and I'm not her caretaker but I'd rather know she is alright when I'm not around.
So with that being said, is there any technology out there that let's her more aware of her sugar or something that let's me know her sugar levels through a phone? Or anything else I can do to make this easier? I don't know what's out there and what advancements have been made over the last few years. She currently has a pump which helps insulin levels. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I use the Libre CGM system, coupled with a MIAOMIAO add-on & GLIMP software on my cell phone.  The Libre itself is not very accurate. However the GLIMP software on my Android phone ahs an option to send BGs to another person/phone. I do not need or use this feature. GLIMP software also let you enter finger-stick BG reading. That makes it far more accurate.

The GLIMP software also has an ALARM function, you can set, (both high & low BGs. For people that hate finger sticks, morning noon & night, tis GREAT. When I start a new sensor, I do a finger stick at a relative low end, not hypo, a med BG reading, and a high. Then the GLIMP starts giving CORRECTED results, and also in smaller text raw sensor readings. All this sounds more complicated than it is in reality.

Before I got the MiaoMiao, I tried a BluCon, I was NOT happy with it.  Too many problems with it. The MiaoMiao is a little more expensive but it was worth the extra cost.  The MiaoMiao was about $125 usd.
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I did look up and also found one called Dexcom G6 which was a continuous glucose monitor. I believe that is similar to what you mentioned. I'm not as familiar with all the terminology and technology so I'll have to research more. They seem great and are exactly what I'm looking for. Are the devices you mentioned two separate entities that go along with the meter or insulin pump or is there a device that is all combined into one?
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I ave heard of he Dexcom, I think it's a bit expensive for me. I had a serious need for a CGM, I became BRITTLE, swinging both highand low quickly, on a limited budget.  I think the Dexcom is a lot fancier unit.
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I did a little research on it. So the Libre CGM system is what is inserted while MiaoMiao sensors the sugar and Gimp is the app that detects it? Is this available in the US? What was the best method for obtaining it? I think I will order one.
You NEED a prescription for the Libre reader & sensors. There is a transition going on right now. I am currently on the 10 day sensors The new 14 day sensors are just becoming available. At Wal-Mart pharm sensors are $40 each, but cheaper to get them in 3s, 3 sensors for $75. (30 days worth)  I do not know the cost involved in the 114 day version, yet. TALK to your pharmacist FIRST to see which is the best most cost effective way to buy them. The Dr's Rx needs to be written to match, how you are going to buy them.  The reader, you only need one, was $75-80. for the 10 day sys reader. It recharges via USB, as needed.
Hope this info helps........
Sorry 4 typo, NOT 114 days, just 14 FOURTEEN DAYS........ would be nice????
The best way, for ME, to attach the MiaoMiao was to use 3M Nexcare tape, flexible, clear, & breathable. I use 2 3" strips, and place the one on each side of the charging terminals, so they are left open for charging while in use.

I also switched from back of arms to belly. With using just a few finger sticks to get GLIMP to yield corrected results, I find it as good, better in some ways FOR ME, than back of arms.

If you have any more questions, just ask, I may bark, but yet have to bite......
I think I have gone thru a gauntlet of getting the Libre sys to work the way I WANTED. In other words, I tried this & that etc etc, maybe you can hit the ground running w/o all my experimentation.  
Thank you for all the input. I have also done some additional research. It does not seem MiaoMiao is as accessible in the U.S. but I will still consider. I might try the Dexcom G6. Insurance may cover it but regardless, I'm happy that there is technology out there that is such a game changer and helpful.
You should find the MiaoMiao online, just do a Google search. I bought mine that way. They all have their good & weak points. For ME, my limited budget was a factor.
After digging I'm seeing the budget as a factor. I'll search it.
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