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My son could have diabetes

I am not sure if my son has Diabetes, but it does run in my side of the family. My mother was diagnosed with Diabetes when she was in her 50's, and I have a brother who was diagnosed with it at about the age of 18. My son is
15 years old, has been overweight since about the age of 10, has strong urine, overeats, and his body odor is  more
than the normal active teen-age boy. He is active in sports, but if the sports season is over- he is not active. He
doesn't eat a lot of sugars(as far as we know), but he does eat too much. He can eat a full course meal, and within
the next hour or two, he is eating again. He eats a lot of breads, and (what I call junk meats- hot dogs, kielbasa,
bacon and sausage). When we try to talk to him about this issue he gets mad, and clams up, and then he will still
continue to sneak and eat. Also- just about 1 year ago, he finally quit wetting the bed at night. I have been told that
all of these signs could be symptoms of Diabetes, and since it does run in my family, I am a little concerned. One
more thing, my husband does have a sister who is borderline diabetic, and she is also overweight. I would appreciate
it if you could give me more information on this condition other than what I am able to find on the Internet, and from
talking to others about this issue.
                                                     Thank You- Laura
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Usually with diabetes there is increased thirst (the unquenchable kind) and increased urination.  It would be wise to see a doctor and have a glucose test which is a really simple blood test.  This is not a condition that you can self diagnose and it is not something to wait on.  There can be severe complications if left untreated.  Some people end up in the ER in a coma and the situation is beyond serious.  Please have his blood sugar checked by a doctor!  Best of luck!
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