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Need help with reoccuring (each winter) symptoms...

I'm a type 1 diabetic (for 27 years now), and am dealing with some reoccurring symptoms. I don't know that they have anything to do with my diabetes, but I don't know where else to start.

For the past 3 winters I experience the same symptoms irregularly throughout Feb and March. They include a cloudy-head feeling, muscle aches in arms and legs, tingling all over, a sore throat, headaches, ear aches, and general exhaustion. Sometimes the symptoms exaggerbate my acid reflux. I often get diagnosed with a sinus infection or an obscure form of strep, but I've not gotten any definitive explanation for the whole of these flare-ups. (And they are flare-ups, as they come and go across much of Feb and March and then generally go a way for a good while). This happened the last two years and this year again. When I mention all this to my doctors, they don't seem to know what to do because there's so much. None of this is debilitating, but it sure takes energy to deal with. Any thoughts on where to start? Anyone with similar experience?
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I should add that my sugars are good, as is my A1C (doctor is very pleased with my control), although they tend to fluctuate a little more when I'm having these flare-ups (I adjust insulin as needed).
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Hello and welcome to the forum.  Thanks for your question and we are glad you're working with your doctor on it even though an answer or solution has not yet been forthcoming.  This must be very challenging to deal with every year.  Where do you reside. Do you use heated air during these months?  Some do have some issues that you describe when there is heavy usage of this.  Please note that some people get sinus issues as well when suffering gerd. They are often interrelated.  Fatigue can aslo be related to gerd.  Sometimes seasonal issues will impact gerd such as periods of a little less exercise or eating more fatty foods.  Could that be at all involved? There IS a link between diaberes and blood sugar levels (especially if high) and sinus issues.
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Hi.  Can I ask how good your control is?  Complications can start at relatively low levels of Hba1c.  Thus, if you can further tighten control it can only be beneficial.

As another thought, could you request a thyroid check, if you haven't already.  Your symptoms could be due to something else.

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You should take (Barley)porridge on daily basis.
It will help you to maintain your sugar level and after few month it may normalize your sugar.

Hi Assistance2021.  Thanks for your inputs.  

This is a Type 1 Diabetes forum.  People with Type 1 diabetes do not make sufficient insulin.  The foods that they eat cannot correct that situation, they need to dose insulin to maintain normal sugar levels.

Barley is also high carb and can raise blood glucose.    However, it can be high fibre which some people may find helpful.
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