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Novolog and Itching

I am a type 1 diabetic and I have been using Novolog for the past three years.  For the first year I was using it by shots, but the last two years I have been using it in an insulin pump.  In the last three to four months I have developed intense itching at the infusion site when I change it.  For about 36 hours it itches so much I have scratched it to bleeding.  In the last few weeks it has begun itching almost as soon as I put in a new canula.  All the novolog materials say this is rare and uncommon but should go away as your body gets use to the insulin.  I've used it for a long time and now that it is developing it isn't going away!  Is this unheard of, and do I need to change insulin types?  I'm really comfortable with Novolog and worried about changing to something I don't know.  My endo is very ambivalent about it.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Is there anything I can do about it?  Thanks!
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I am not a physician but the mom of a type one diabetic.

I would suggest that you contact novo log and let them know.  They might have some suggestions.  Could it be the glue on the tape that is on the insurance site?  I do know some people that developed sensitivity to the glue and had to change sites because the glue was the problem.

We use the huamlog and have not had a problem. You might ask your doctor to switch you to Huamlog.  
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Another volunteer here ...

I know that WAK meant "infusion site" when it came out "insurance site," but that is a good thing to check into, too.

Some folks use a barrier like Tegaderm or even a wipe-on substance like Skin-Prep to create a light barrier between their skin & the infusion set tape.

Have you changed suppliers for your pump supplies?  I'd look seriously into the "tape" idea.  You could test that theory if you have an extra infusion set ... cut off the cannula & simply apply the tape to a spot on your skin.  If it begins to itch, you'll have identified the reason.  The skin barriers seem to work terrifically well for folks who need 'em.

Good luck!  Let us know what you find out.
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