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Please help.. I'm worried.

Before I explain, you should know that we're trying to set up an appointment but my neurologist is on vacation (which is who my pediatrician told me to go to) but there have been more symptoms since then. Also, I'm a 14 year old female. So, A few months ago I noticed this one spot on the outer side of my right calf. It was kind of a deep aching pain (not sure how to describe it exactly)... I let it slide because I figured that it wasn't a big deal. About a month later, I was at my friends house and I fell down some stairs (only a few) and the only part that I really fell on was ironically that part of my calf. The day after I fell, I noticed that the pain was worse and that it was now in another place in my calf. NO, this is not a broken bone. I can walk fine, and the pain only occurs sometimes, but sometimes I feel fine. So anyway, now months after this happened, It's in both of my legs. Both thighs, both calves, and I'm starting to get pain in my arms. My legs are starting to get completely sensitive to the touch at times, and other times they're fine. Also another symptom that started about a 2 weeks ago is that when I wake up, I have this coppery (warm metal) smell coming from my hands, and sometimes it turns into a sweet smell. A couple days ago I also noticed this smell in my discharge. For the past few days, I have been REALLY tired all the time, and I haven't been able to sleep straight through the night. I have been waking up in the middle of the night, no matter how tired I am. My arms hurt when I raise them, and my leg pains are almost constant now. I looked up the symptoms and one thing that I'm wondering about is whether or not I have Diabetic Acidosis. The Diabetic part would explain the leg pains, (according to my pediatrician), and it would explain the coppery smells and the tiredness and confusion lately. Sooo if you have any educated thoughts, please tell me, but PLEASE don't over exaggerate it or worry me if you aren't sure of it, because I'm already scared enough.
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You dont say if you are diabetic.
Diabetic Acidosis is an emergency and requires immediate hospitalisation for urgent treatment with fluids and intravenous insulin. It happens when you have very high sugars over a few day. You would be very sick, vomiting, sweating and very confused.

If you are a diabetic then Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy could explain your problem. It is a chronic neurological disorder however, you would to have poor diabetes management for months before you would develop Neuropathy.....
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