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Poor management

Is there anybody that can give me any advice on how to keep my blood sugar down I am a T1 diabetic I been diagnosed at 1 years old and I have had poor management for about 7 years
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Insulin is far from the only way to regulate diabetes. There are various steps you can take that do not require medication, which may help your diabetes. Keep in mind that only your healthcare professional should make decisions regarding any adjustments to your medications. However, by following some of these simple tips, you may be able to get your medication reduced or even come off of it altogether.

Stay Well Hydrated – In order to flush high blood sugar levels out of the blood, the body will deplete its own stores of water through increased urination – as it uses this excess urine to flush out the excess glucose in the blood. This is the cause of excessive thirst in diabetics.

Lower Your Carbohydrates – Weight loss can have a dramatic impact on diabetes. In addition, those carbohydrates can cause unfavorable fluctuations in blood glucose levels. If you are not yet familiar with it, one thing that is invaluable for a diabetic to learn about is the glycemic index, or GI for short.

Supplement Your Diet with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements – Mineral deficiencies are a known culprit when it comes to diabetes. For example, a zinc deficiency can cause poor insulin production; a chromium deficiency is associated with a lack of insulin efficacy; and a manganese deficiency can cause your body to crave sweets and cause you to have low energy.

Following these simple steps will have a tremendous impact on controlling your diabetes and improving your overall health. Diabetes is a condition that, if managed properly, can be controlled. Making these lifestyle changes will help you control your diabetes long-term.
Get a insulin pump
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You can manage your blood sugar level very easily. Before a year I was also very poor at managing my bloodsugar. Than I met with fenfuro an all natural supplement for managing blood sugar. I will suggest you get one for yourself as it is really effective in managing your blood sugar you can buy it from fenfuro website.
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The first thing is that diabetes has to be managed by you.  So you take responsibility for your own health.  You posting here shows that you want to do that.
Then you need to be sure you are on the right meds (I assume basal and bolus insulin) and you know how to use them properly, and also you monitor your sugar regularly to get feedback on how to adjust your medications and diet.

Can  your Dr refer you to a diabetes educator / someone who can help guide you in getting better control?

A great book is Using Insulin by John Walsh.  Another good book is "Think Like a Pancreas".   A third one, though quite technical, is "Diabetes Solutions".
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Exercise this is the best way to keep it down. Also est sweet potatoes and berries these are low glycemic foods.
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People that get diabetes early in life under 5 years old are tough to control,. I got my diabetes at 3 years old. The insulin pump has been the best thing I ever did for myself. When I first got it my A1C was at 13 ( really bad, the normal level is 7) now my A1Cs are 7. So big improvement.
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