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Pre-diabetic and or hypoglycemic?

Thank you for taking my questions, much appreciated. I have a family history of diabetis. My mom age 62 is diabetic and started taking insulin at 57 or so. She is managing well so far thank god. Her sister too was diabetic she wasnt so fortunate. Nonetheless, I am a male, age 40, not really over weight but could loose 5-7 lbs and do not excercise much. Recently, over the last 4- 5 yrs my fasting sugar has been slowely rising from 85 in 2000 to 110 in 2006. My three month hemoglobin (avg sugar range) is normal thank god. My doc suggested that I loose 10 lbs and start excercise. I have started to do so. I bought a home glucose monitor and my results are pretty good. After eating a high carb meal rarely does my blood sugar go past 130 and then comes back down to around 88-95 within 2 hrs. But what is now happening more frequently is that i get hypoglycemic so much so that today i felt like was psychotic feeling or severe panic. I took a drink of coke and after 5 min or so started to feel better.  Unfortunately, I did not eat this morning and it got me around 3 pm in the afternoon. This is happening more often than not these days. I am and have been under severe stress over these last 9 months- homes renos now coming to an end.

1. Can stress create high or low blood sugars?
2. My three month blood sugar is normal but the fasting is creeping up slowley. If i loose weight and adjust the diet can i manage the diabetis or am i on the road there?
3. My only concern at the moment is the hypo glecmic part not that i have a problem with high blood sugar? Significance?
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I am not a physician, but the mom of a type one and the daughter of a type 2.

In answer to your questions:

1. I have seen stress affect both my mom and daughters blood sugars, but it affects each person differently and it can effect some times with a high or sometimes with a low. Every person is different and the situation can also effect whether the blood sugar goes high or low.

2. It is good that your A1C is in normal range I would definitely suggest that you watch your diet and try to loose weight and starts to exercise; even just walking can make a big difference.  I started walking last yr and was able to lower my blood sugar.   I had to stop do to a knee injury, when I went back to the endocrinologist my A1C was elevated; (I am not diabetic. I have a thyroid condition, but because of family history we track my A1C.) I started just walking around the block 2 times a week and worked up to 3-5 times a week a few miles.

3.  I would suggest that you see an endocrinologist to give you some insight on how to control the episodes of hypoglycemia. He/she can also tell you what range is good for you to be in and how to get on the right path to keep diabetes away.

Good luck, I hope this helped.   Please let us know how it goes.
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I agree - you are doing great with keeping such tight records of your health and blood sugars.

Keep up the good work, if you feel you need to lose weight than stick to it.

Continue monitoring yourself and always confirm everything with an endocrinologist or a family doctor.
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I'm really hoping someone will have some advice.

My husband is currently struggling with supposed hypoglycemia.I say supposed for a very good reason and I'll try to explain as briefly as I can.

My husband is 30 years old and has hypertension and this condition,except its a different type.When my husband goes into a hypo state glucose/sugar makes his blood sugar levels DROP not rise.When he eats it drops also but when he fasts it stays at a normal level and declines extremely slowly rather than drop significantly.
We've seen a consultant and he is absolutely at his wits end as he's never seen anyone like it and doesn't know how to treat it.If he goes into a severe hypo giving him glucose would make him seriously ill.
My husband has had a CT scan and endoscopy and is also awaiting a date for a magic eye.The CT scan and endoscopy have both proved clear.....his consultant was expecting to see a pancreatic tumor as the only other causes were ruled out also--he hasn't had major abdominal surgery and he's tee-total.Now I'm no medical wonder by any means but I can't help but feel this may stem from a serious spinal injury he received 20 months ago,which left him paralysed for 4 months.He was extremely sporty and fit before the accident,which happened on duty as a traffic cop--he had regular medicals and there was never anything wrong with him before.If sudden diabetes can be caused by a trauma to the body then why not hypoglycemia?The consultant says he'd never heard of a case so couldn't say yes or no....can anyone help shed some light on this for me please?I'm worried for my husband and I want to understand as much as I can.The consultant also said my husband is unemployable now because of the severity of his condition yet nobody seems to be able to give explanations--I would willingly take him 10,000 miles away to see another specialist if such a person exists.Help!!!
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