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Protein and Meal Issues

Well, thanks again for all your help on everything ive asked so far. Glad i have a resource where i can ask questions, and get help.

Well, my honeymood period is ending, so i know im gonna have to start eating on time, and doign what is needed.  My question, im a reallly picky eater, and being a diabteic dosnt help that out much.  Threwout the school yaer, i would eat large ammounts of cheese, and penut butter, for my protein sources, but thats very high fat, and i gained a large amount of weight.  For the past few months, ive been eating more eggs, but, im still having trouble with what to eat when im going away. If im planning on going away for the day, or im not gonna be home, finding somethign i can bring to eat can turn to be quite troublesome.

So i guess my question is what can i use, thats a quick, fast, easy meal replacement, with protein, and carbs.  I have tried many protein bars, but all of which contain HIGH ammounts of sugar.  so thats out of the question now. Do u know of any meal replacement bars or protein bars, that arent loaded with sugar? or have any idea's for food i can take with me on the go, that isint troublesom to carry:S

hopefully that made sense, lol, thanks again
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Dear steveman,

Thank you for writing again.  We are glad that we can have open discussions with people who are looking for answers.  Hopefully, we can come up with a solution for your food dilema.  

I cannot let it go without saying (mostly because I am a Mom of a 16 year old with diabetes), that I'm thinking that a possible reason for your weight gain may be due in part to your recreational activities mentioned in your previous postings to our forum.  Enough said on that topic.  

As far as your meal plan goes, are you seeing a dietician?  To be able to sit down and discuss your likes and dislikes would be beneficial to you, as you mentioned that you are a picky eater and especially if protein is a concern.  

The first food that I thought of as far as protein sources when reading your posting, was string cheese sticks.  They are individually wrapped and can last most of the day without refrigeration.  They are available in skim milk too.  It sounds like you are looking for some sort of processed meal replacement and I am sorry, but I do not have any experience with these. I would enourage you to avoid processed foods, as they are loaded with not only fat, but sodium as well.  

Please make an appointment to speak with a dietician so that you can get yourself on the right track with you meal plan and hopefully drop some of your unwanted weight.

Good luck to you.

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Hi again, Steve,
GG's idea of string cheese is also one of my favorites.  I do well with portion control that way.

I've also found that I like Balance Bars - and now buy them in bulk so I have some at home, at my office, in my car and in my purse/backpack just about always.  I have one or two with me when I hike or ski or just go for a long walk.  

I often organize my days in such a way that I don't include time to make a great big salad to bring with me.  But, when I do make the time to throw together a salad, it always feels like a real treat by the time lunch time comes 'round.  

I buy Balance Bars in bulk and the flavor my store has is called Balance Gold/Caramel Nut Blast.  The first one I had reminded me of a Snickers Bar, but much less sweet.  If I eat a whole one of these, it's usually in place of a real lunch -- and I don't get hungry for several hours.  Except for the fact that it has only negligible fiber, it's not horrible for me.

Here's the nutrition info:
Carbo: 22 gm
Fat: 7gm
Protein: 15g

If I want something sweet "just because," I often take 1/2 a bar and that works out well.  The bars that sit in my car, of course, are subject to temperature fluctuations.  FOr skiing, I keep the bars in a pocket close to my body, so the bar doesn't become totally frozen and too hard to enjoy!  In the summer, well, I've gotten acccustomed to some messy Balance Bars!  Good luck with this --

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My favorite issue!  Nutrition!

There ARE other things to eat, but you may want to invest in some sort of manly-looking small cooler to carry with you.  Don't groan; it WILL make your life better in the long run.

(Check out The Edge Carb Advantage shakes for low carb high protein drinks if you REALLY don't want to refrigerate anything, but if they are warm they are yucky)

Anyway, ideas.  You asked.  If you get that little cooler to carry with you, here are options:

For easy prep - prewashed lettuce, precut veggies, lunchmeats, Low fat cheese, tuna or salmon or chicken in a can (now they come in pouches, practically all protein and no carb) - all these things make great salads & can create variety.  Vanilla or plain LowFat yogurt(sweetened with Splenda and swirl in some natural fruit preserves) in the individual tubs/containers work well.  Make a big batch of SF jello & pour into little Ziploc containers (the tupperware kind) for grab & go snacks.  Make a quiche (no-its NOT hard! Get a recipe and try!)on the weekend & freeze it cut up in baggies.  Take one out the night before & nuke it.  Soy sausages go well with these (you can nuke 'em and they are low fat and not greasy at all).  LowFat String cheese IS a great snack & count out & prepack peanuts, soynuts, pistacios.  Cut up veggies when you get home from the store & package them in snack size baggies.  Hardboil a few eggs & those are great snacks or breakfasts.  

Let me know if you need more ideas.  I got a million of 'em!

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thanks, but carrying around a cooler isint an option for me. I'll get too many questions about it, and it'll just be too much of a hassel.

Any other tips:)
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I am glad to see that others have posted some pretty terrific ideas for you on the forum.  I thought about you this morning while I was watching ABC's Good Morning America because they ran a segment on new foods coming out on the market.  They showed a small, probably 1 cup size container that contained egg whites that you can microwave and have scrambles eggs anywhere that you can find a microwave!  They mentioned it will be on the market in a few months.  You should check out ABC's website for more details, but I thought this might be something that may appeal to you.
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