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Pump infusion site problem?

Been on pump a month, and about 8 times (20 days worth), my sugars have been high. (due to unknown bad site) Other day changed pump after sugars high for 3 days, not knowing why. When I took out patch a lot of insulin came squirting out of my skin, with a hint of blood. Could this pooling under the skin be reabsorbed and cause severe low sugars? (not sure how much insulin was there, 3 days' worth?) Any knowledge welcome- how could I know also if this would happen at any site? Thank you..
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It is hard to tell. What you saw may or may not have been (unabsorbed) insulin.  It could also have been serum.  

The best thing you can do is continue to monitor blood sugar closely.   Do you have a GCM?

Given that the pump delivers fast acting insulin, if it was insulin the duration of action should be over in about 3- 5 hours.  So keep a close eye at least in this period.

Let us know how you go.

Wishing you well.
Thanks Super Sally... appreciate your time and reply. Yes have GCM and will be seeing doctor tomorrow over this pooling issue; ty again so much.
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I used to have a problem with bad sites all the time. Make sure when you change sites to pick an area that is not scared up (putting a site in a place previously used will hinder absorption) and as for the blood that is kinda normal. The clear fluid could have been insulin especially if it hadn't been long since you gave yourself a bolus because it don't absorb instantly. I hope this helps.
Ty Jason; appreciate that. Wish things were simpler with diabetes. Wishing you luck as well , and ty again for your reply.
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