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Hi, Im 17 1/2 years old, about a month back, I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes type 1. My specialist thinks that eventually it's going to develop into actual diabetes and I'm going to have to insert insulin. I'm a senior in high school and after I graduate, I want to go to community college and then possibly join the military to become a book keeper or work in an financial department. I'm definitely willing to go through the training because I'm physically fit, but would I not get accepted in the military for being a diabetic?
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My understanding (and I'm no expert on things military) is that no, you would not be accepted in the military as a Type 1 diabetic. You might read some of the other posts on here on this topic as well as on more frequently travelled diabetes forums. I think it's great you are thinking ahead and  my suggestion would be to complete your education and aim for a career as a civilian. Diabetes is not an obstacle to living a normal full life, but there are some areas such as military, and also, I believe police and fire where it is a barrier.
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There is a very detailed post on this very topic just below yours.
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Alright I read quite a few of them and most of them say no it is not accepted, but none of them are 100% sure, so I think I'm still going to do research about it. Thanks
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