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Rapid weight gain - over 40 woman

I have always had a problem with my weight being approximatelyl 20 pounds over but over the last 6 or so months i have put on about 15 pounds.  I am 5' 8" and just turned 40.  Not telling my weight.  I have a sit down job, heart disease, perimenopause.  i'm not batting a thousand.  My question is does anyone out there have any "tricks" to getting rid of weight?  I already know about exercise, eat right...  Being a diabetic though I thought maybe someone knew of something else.  Thanks.
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Hello Dazimae,
I'm not a physician, but am a female, long-time diabetic who just turned 50 and am also verrry close to menopause.

I've come to realize that maintaining a healthy weight is just a symptom of a healthy lifestyle.  What a "healthy lifestyle" means is fairly constant, but the details change as we age, I think.

As you pointed it, it's largely about (Calories In) minus (Calories expended) = weight gain/loss.  

As we go thru this hormonal change (some call it reverse adolescence), it's not uncommon for our metabolism to change, too.  The more overweight we are, the harder it is to do exercise and yet, the bitter irony is, the more important it is for us to move around more.  

I've never been consistent about exercise -- since childhood, really -- and so I share the struggle to move around more now that it's so easy to gain weight.  I have found that walking is easiest for me.  We have a treadmill at home, in front of a TV with a fan to keep the area cool.  For some reason, the more often I "force" myself to get on that thing & walk for a while (started at 15 min, now I'm doing 30), the less "force" it takes me to motivate myself ...  Maybe you'll find the same effect.

It's a great time to have a complete blood workup, too.  As Kneaslelady pointed out, thyroid issues can have a big impact.  Many Type 1s also dvelop thyroid problems (thyroid & pancreas are both endocrine glands).

Often the "trick" for me comes down to self-talk.  When I continally declare that I hate exercise and don't do, then both those statements are true.  When I tell myself I'm "choosing" to do treadmill time instead of a bolus, that's true, too.  And I feel good.  If there's anyone you are close to that will encourage you to move around more, that can have good impact, too.  Just hearing someone else say, "Good for you!" feels great.  

When you keep at it, sooner or later someone's gonna say "Geez, you're lookin' great!  What's YOUR trick?"  Won't that feel super?! and do an enormous amount for your motivation?  

Bottom line, when we really wanna do something, nothing will stand in our way.
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Hey there...I feel your frustration. I'm there myself. My issue is kidney health and triglycerides all of a sudden--runs in my family, evidently (gee, thanks Granddad--lol). I gain weight like nobody's business. Last time I went in for a physical, the doc put me on Thyroid meds for hypothyroidism. I was scared silly because my feet/ankles were swelling (they usually don't unless I have sprained something). I'm 28 and have had type 1 for 23 years (almost 29--yay). The thyroid meds addressed the swelling almost instantly. I also gave up on the caffeinated diet soda for a while. I drank 3 liters of water a day (probably not enough). After deciding not to be scared, things got better even before I talked to the doc. It's been a few weeks now, and I have rediscovered the Joy of Cooking.Anyway: I found that Adele Puhn's (terrible name)...er..."Five Day Miracle Diet" was great. I altered it, so it wasn't low carb. Anyway...the idea is to eat small meals throughout the day especially hard chew stuff like carrots and apples.
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continued...I would not recommend (oh--and I am not a doctor) anyone do the low-carb thing (though I do thank the low carbers for all the sugarfree candy that's out there now--lol). I shy away from a whole lot of protein and try to eat more complex carbohydrates (whole wheat) and use the bean/brown rice mix. Don't quote me on this, but the mix is something like 2/3 rice (30 carbohydrates or 2 bread exchanges) to 3/4 cup beans (dry in a crock pot that you can find at any yard sale are the best). When you eat beans and rice together, the mix creates a protein-like substance. Honest I am not making this up lol. I also use garlic like it's going out of style. I am not a vampire slayer, but I will tell you that getting the bulbs of garlic in the store and cooking with them is fun, very yummy, and quite inexpensive. Cooking for yourself doesn't have to be a chore. And I also find that if I don't have it in the house, I won't eat it. Right now I don't do butter or margarine (Molly McButter is awesome--also Butter Buds). I hope this helps.
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If you want to loose weight one of the best way is by doing all those things you know and listed, but in addition try not to eat late at night, if you can eat around 7-8 pm, you will notice some changes in a few months, beyond your expectations maybe. So try that.

But remember that there are medical conditions that can lead to weight gain.
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Your posts make a LOT of sense!  Don't worry about length of posts here ... folks write what we need to and other folks read what they like :-)  I'm sure that every post resonates with a few hundred (thousand?) folks out there, too.

Seems like you've come a long way in accepting the challenge of diabetes and doing your best to feel well most of the time.

That's super and I wish you continuing success.
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Hey alexja,
Wow...what wonderful advice! I tried the not eating after 7-8pm (correct me if I am misunderstanding your post) with positive results. Also I hope no one thinks I am supporting a fad diet. I try to be mindful of the better way I feel when I make sometimes difficult health decisions. If I start to get irritated at having to do something, say, nutritionally, that is well-founded and supported by a doctor, then I try to balance the frustration at the change with the realization that I do feel better. Like when my bg's run better, I may gain weight temporarily, but I am no longer famished or always feeling 'off' in one way or another. I'm able to read faster and remember more and do things I like to do better than I was able to when I was in less control. Does this make sense?
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