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Seizure after pain

My son 35 years old has just had a  seizure during the night.  This one has left him with very sore calfs and is making waking difficult.  After 2 days this seems to be getting better but the other problem that occured is that his tongue is very mashed, cut and very sore so he must have been clamping down on it during the siezure. Is this something that happens and will it heal on its own and if anything can you tell us anything that will ease the pain as this heals?  

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He had a severe hypoglycemic episode for sure. Yes, the calf muscles tense up during something like this and I know from experience that it will take a couple of days for the soreness to go away. The feeling is very much like the kind of sore muscles you get from overuse. Hot baths will help the muscles feel better. As for his tongue -- ouch! He must have bit it as you say. He may want to see his doctor to make sure that nothing needs to be treated, depending on how severe the cuts are on his tongue. The good news is that mouth injuries heal quickly. He needs to be very careful about testing often to make sure his glucose levels are running in the proper levels while he heals. And also to prevent any more severe or even minor hypoglycemic episodes for about 2 weeks now so that his body chemicals can return to normal. If he does this, his warning symptoms for hypo spells will remain good, but if he allows another low or several lows to happen before his body returns to normal (studies indicate that it takes about 2 weeks  for the liver's emergency sugars that are released during a hypo spell to be removed from the body), he may lose his warning symptoms. This can be very dangerous, so it is very important to do this.
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HI, again.
My husband has had both of these things happen. Both will heal. Last summer, he bit his tounge so hard, he couldn't talk for several days. It swelled up as big as his mouth. He couldn't chew and could barely swallow. Neither of those things are good for someone on an eating schedule! :-) But, we got by. He had soup and energy drinks until he could chew.
We did go to the doctor for his tounge, but there is nothing you can do for it. He did take an IBprofen type pain relief for the first couple days, the maximum dose per the Pharmacy.
As I mentioned in a previous post, he switched to the Lantus insulin BECAUSE of this event. I wasn't with him at the time, he was with his Mother and Sister and they were mortified at what had happened. I'm mostly used to it, they aren't. I finally got him to go to the doctor to figure out what we could do differently to correct these reactions. And as I said, they've been few and far between for the last year. It's been really awesome.
Don't give up, you'll find a solution!  :-)
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Thanks so much for your reassurance that things will work out.  Nice to talk to someone who has lived this life and been thru the highs and lows.  It seems mostly lows now.  Waiting for the lab work to come back and meeting with doctor to change SOMETHING as he cannot continue with his current course of treatment.  I appreciate your input.
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