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Staying home with Toddler Type 1

I have a three year old with type 1 diabetes.  His sugars are just so out of whack lately.  He complains about his head, eyes, stomach. I took him to GI specialist and they prescribed zantac he also takes zyrtec for allergies.
I am not able to concentrate at work, not sure how well daycare does with his sugar levels, afraid he is there and not feeling well.  I am wondering if there is some kind of short term financial assistance i can apply for in order to stay at home with my son until his sugars are under control?  IF not there should be something for mothers who have toddlers with this disease as it is so unpredictable with toddlers and hard to controll due to them being so young.  I dont want to quit work i just want to stay at home long enough to get my son under control and maybe attend his daycare along with him a few days as well to educate them more.
He does not seem to be elgible for SS Disabilty and i am afraid of how that may affect him years from now if i apply for that.
Any suggestions or assistance out there that i am not aware of?  I know i dont qualify for DSS assistance because my husband makes too much money yet not enough for me to stay home and not help with some bills!!
Thank You.
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I am not aware of any sources for this kind of financial assistance, but I would recommend contacting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at www.jdrf.org/ and click on the link for the Online Diabetes Support Team. This will bring you to a form to fill out and submit... tell them what you have told us here, and they will send your request to the staff member who handles all of the financial help questions. Hopefully he will have some suggestions for you.

My own job offers sick leave to employees for extended family members' illnesses, so do check with your HR director to see if something like this is available. You may be pleasantly surprised.
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Contact your local county health services. They will help.
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